5 Foods To Avoid During Your Weight Loss Journey

Whenever you start something there should be a proper way to complete it. If you are not following a proper diet plan and not putting in enough effort to achieve what you want to achieve then this can be a big problem for you. So, it’s better that you follow a healthy routine in which you can avoid consuming foods that will disturb your hard work. 

Losing weight is not easy and it gets way more difficult when you can’t control your appetite. Consuming more calories than body requires will not help in your weight loss. You have to create calorie deficit in order to lose weight and once you consume more calories it will aid in weight gain. 

There are various foods and diets that you can add to your daily routine. Foods like bone broth, salmon, leafy vegetables, and nuts are some of the foods that can help in weight loss. You can check bone broth nutrition and it will give you a good idea about how beneficial it is for your health. Here is the list of few foods that you should avoid in your weight loss journey. 




Potatoes are starchy and they are filled with carbs that will just make you fat. So try to avoid potatoes in your diet as they will only make you gain weight. On top of that if you are fond of consuming fried foods then you will definitely want to consume potato fries. They are a big NO! For your weight. The oil will just turn into fat and as potatoes are already rich in carbs it will just make things worse for you and your weight loss journey. 




White bread contains carbs, sodium, and sugar which will make you fat and unhealthy. You can try bran bread that is low in carbs or made up of wheat. I have seen many people complain about how they can’t really get what they want, for example they want to achieve a certain weight at a specific time. They can’t get it because they can’t control what they consume. 




Sweets are not bad for your health if you can consume them at a certain time. Constantly consuming such things will make you fat. Cookies and pastries are filled with sugar and other ingredients that are not good for your health. In some cases, such delicacies are linked to heart and stomach disorders as well. So try to ignore them as much as you can. 

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Most fruit juices and sugary drinks are filled with added sugar and processed ingredients to enhance their taste. Soda beverages are another example of such drinks and they are not good for your health. If you can stick to regular water, fresh juices, and smoothies then you will notice way better results then this, you can add collagen peptides in your smoothies to enhance their taste. Sugary drinks are not good for your health as they make you fat. Another problem with such drinks is that they increase the inflammation of your body that will eventually lead to bloating and water retention. 




Another sugary source that you should avoid. Chocolates, candy bars or anything that has added sugar shouldn’t be a part of your daily diet. Such foods will just build some hurdles in your goal. You should avoid such things and not make them a part of your daily diet. Consuming them occasionally is something else, you can also call that cheat day but I’ve seen many people who don’t have control over their diet yet they want to lose weight and get fit. 


So, the bottom line here is quite simple and that is if you want to improve your health then you have to consume foods that are low in carbs they won’t make you fat or unhealthy. If you are looking to lose weight properly then, by all means, you have to ignore the foods that I have mentioned above and replace them with something healthy. Your best bet is to add low-carb foods that will push your body to lose fat and increase your energy levels. 

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