A drop of water is a drop of life

Water is essential for life. Staying hydrated during the day is great habit and everyone should adopt it. Water is life and by drinking enough water every day provides you with immense health benefits. People who are diet conscious they are advised to drink more water so they can quell the craving for food. You can restrain your hunger drinking good amount of water. If you are feeling stiffed joints and soreness than you should drink water to lubricate joints to reduce inflammation. All the benefits are enough to make us drink water every day, but carrying water with you requires a handy pot which can save enough water for you. So you don’t have to grab water in a glass over and over again . you can keep it as advised. So, having a bottle can save your time a lot. Now you can move around carrying your water bottle. The Trend is growing fast for Promotional insulated water bottles.

There are many types of Promotional insulated water bottles some are mentioned below:

1: Yeti Rambler

2: Hydro Flask Double Wall

3: Brita Sport Water

4: Klean Kanteen Wide

5: Camelbak Eddy

7:6: Lifefactory

8: Thermos Intak

9: S’well Vacuum

10: Takeya Classic

11: Vapur Element

12: Nalgene Silo

13: Memobottle A5

These bottles are not limited to a water bottle. In fact, they are being used as an object for brand advertisement and also for messages. These vessels are available in a variety of colours and designs.

You can also customize your own bottle and make it promotional drinkware. You can design mugs, cups, water bottles

Custom Drinkware

Drinkware stores is a place where you can purchase water bottles, mugs, cups, for tea or coffee, glasses soda and other alcoholic drinks. You can purchase you on your choice. Amoung promotional products DRINKWARE is the best one as it offers a good number of promotional products.

Custom made wine bottles

A wine bottle’s material is glass. This bottle is especially for wine. Some are used for fermentation. And some are used after fermentation. The wine bottle has its own unique shape and colour. Although the wine bottle has a signature look but it is available in a number of shapes and colours.  Wine bottles are sealed with cork but Screw-top cork is in trend. The Half bottle which is actually half called split or demi. The type of wine bottles is mentioned below.

High Shoulder

The very regular wine bottle is high shoulder. This style was first made and spread by Bordeaux

Sloping Shoulder

The sloping shoulder is popular in chardonnay, Syrah, Pinot Noir, mostly oak-aged white wines are kept in this shape of bottles.

Sparkling Wine and Champagne

This type of wine bottles is weighty it is heavy because they have to hold the pressure inside them. Some bottles have a different shape like in the bottom they have divot and some are devoid of the divot. This design is devoted to sparkling wines.

Various Dessert Styles

Tradition itself has style and uniqueness. Some antiques have a style that made them in trend all eras. This type of wine bottle is made for dessert wine. These are more complicated in design than the rest dry wines.

Unique Bottles

This bottle style is simple and made in 1906 by a glass manufacturer. The unique bottle is dedicated to wine in simple shape and design


Presentation plays great role in food and beverages. You can use them for advertisement purpose or can utilize by recycling but there is profit and it can help in increasing sales. And can be best to drum up your business.

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