Know How Does An Air Conditioner Work?

Every summer, the struggle to stay “cool” is commonplace. Most of us resort to the swimming pool and cool booze. The most common method to cool off would be to switch on the air conditioners. But how does an air conditioner work? The air conditioner has the magic of changing the humidity, temperature, or the quality of air. It makes your home cooler during hot summers.

Working of an air conditioner

  • The basic methodology is that the AC draws out the warm air inside the room and fills it with cooler air.
  • The compressor in the unit helped in the condensation and the circulation of a material called the refrigerant. This is done through an outdoor unit that changes the refrigerant into a liquid from a gas.
  • This liquid is then sent to the cooling compartment that has an indoor evaporating coil. The fan inside helps in the circulation of the air which passes through the fins of the evaporator.
  • At this point, due to the thermal energy, the liquid turns into a vapor and removes the heat from the air. Once this heat is removed, the air automatically turns cooler.
  • The condenser into a liquid again from the form of a gas. Ultimately, the gas keeps returning to this unit to keep repeating the process over and over until your room reaches the required temperature. This is programmed by the setting you keep.

Thus, an air conditioner has three main components namely the condenser, compressor, and an evaporator. The first two parts are normally found outside the air conditioner while the evaporator stays inside the house. This the basic working mechanism of an air conditioner. The only thing that changes is the brand or the quality. The working mechanism will be in a top-notch condition if the filter is cleaned regularly.

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