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Cafes Is Best To Spend Quality Time With Friends

Time has made life difficult for everyone and so people look out for a place where they can get a break and have some drinks to make them feel energetic. It is one of the reason that today cafes ae been preferred to hang out with friends and family where gossiping long with a coffee can just take to another world. Tea and coffee are required by everyone to carry out their work of the day and so there are best cafes in Kolkata where beautiful ambiance when accompanies with your favorite drink can help to be relaxed.

best cafes in Kolkata

Cafes in Kolkata

Everyone might have heard about Kankurgachi which has some of the best restaurants and cafes so that people can just sit and relax with friends. The infrastructure of this place has attracted a crowd and so for people who are planning to visit here go for Kankurgachi restaurants cafes bars guide. The Beer Republic is one such place where loud music along with dim lights can create a beautiful ambiance. This place serves all the best drinks and snacks so that people can have it and enjoy a great time of life. It is even the first among all in Kolkata who serves microbrewery and so there is an option to get more varieties in drinks. Sienna store & café is one of the best cafes in Kolkata which is known for its ambiance and it is the best place when you wish to spend some quality time with your partner. Mostly couples consider such place to spend some unmemorable moments of life. One has the option to get customized food as per their likings so that everyone can enjoy in their own way.

People who are about to visit Kolkata must follow Kankurgachi restaurants cafes bars guide to get some of the best dishes and drinks. Besstoo is very popular among residential people of Kankurgachi as one can have the best Chinese, North Indian, Bengali food which is prepared in an authentic way. One can satisfy both small and big hunger with sumptuous dishes served at Besstoo. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are being served so that everyone can satisfy themselves. Wabi sabi is one of the best place in Kolkata which is designed based on Japanese tradition. Vegetarian food lover would find it as the best place and there are varieties of dishes served over here. Japanese aesthetics are being preserved while decorating the interior of café. Some of the dishes which must not be missed are Mango beer, Burmese Red Rice and many more.

Thus people who are visiting Kolkata must not miss visiting such café where quality time could be spent with family and friends while enjoying some of the best drinks and dishes. Time has changed and today people don’t visit café just to have a cup of tea or coffee but prefer to hang out at such place. These places are not so expensive and so people of all class can consider such places to get a break from work and enjoy in their own way.


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