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Container gardening tips for the beginners

Container gardening holds a very special place among people who are fond of gardening. This is one of the trendiest styles of gardening that people use for addling elegance to the beauty of their house. But once you get engaged in container gardening, you will see that you are growing more pots every year. For the beginners, here are certain essential tips that you should follow for successful gardening.

Tips for successful gardening

  • Drainage as an integral part of gardening- This is the first thing that you should be aware of. Drainage is an evitable part of container gardening. If you don’t allow the excess water to drain out from the pot, the plant may die due to drowning or the bottom of the plant might get rotten. But if you buy pots from the market, you will find that most of the containers do not have enough drainage facility. In that case, you can drill holes in it to allow drainage of the excess water. There are certain people who may advise you that drainage is not important but this is applicable only if you are an attentive gardener who can water your plants perfectly. You can use plastic drip tray with drain system to allow the excess water to flow out.

garden flower pot


  • Determining the amount of sunlight– Before you decide to place your pot, you have to evaluate how much sunlight your plant will get. Before you choose any plant, it is imperative to understand the sunlight that the container will get. You can make use of online calculators for calculating it or place the pot where you want to place it and check the amount of sunlight it gets. In that way, you will know whether the place is perfect for your container or needs to be shifted to a light prone area.
  • Nurturing your plants with liquid fertilizer– Majority of the soil that you add to the pot does not provide adequate food to the soil. This is something that you need to add. You can make use of slow fertilizers to the containers so that the plants can thrive for a long time. Your pot plants need more of nutrients and fertilizer for two main reasons- first because the plant does not get nutrients from the soil unlike the big gardens and secondly, the nutrients get washed off due to constant watering. Provide liquid fertilizer to your plants which smells awful but is absolutely the best source for providing fertilizers.
  • Planting good neighbors– It is very important to have good neighbors. Just like we human need good neighbors, plants have the same requirement; which means that your container should fit with the other plants as well. For example, you have a plant that needs more sunlight. You cannot place it with the other pants which do not require full sunlight. So you should combine the plants in such a manner that they all have the same needs and requirements. The more water requiring plants should be kept together or the ones that require full sunlight for their growth.
  • Adjusting the plants with surroundings- Most of the plants specially the younger ones tend to be happier when you adjust them to the sunlight, water, and other elements. These young plants do not like much change because they are nurtured in a pampered surrounding.

Gardening is not at all an easy job. It requires time, dedication and hard labor. These container plants may or may not thrive. This uncertainty makes the task more energizing and exciting. However, to make sure that you get paid for your hard work, make sure you use proper drain away drain tray, proper nutrition and of course proper sunlight and watering.

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