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E-Waste Problem, Hazards and Solutions

The present age is dangerous. Most part of the world does not have drinkable water. This is just one of the several problems and hazards of e-waste. So make sure you think twice before dumping dead cells, batteries, and electronic devices. The harmful lead in these objects gets mixed with underground water, making it unfit for consumption. This is just one of the many hazards of improper e-waste disposal!

Dangerous Effects of E-Waste on Humans and Environment

Most of us don’t know the harmful effects of the elements commonly found in PCs, TVs, monitors etc. The issue should be taken very seriously as they can affect negatively on human life. For instance, motherboards of PCs have solder in them. Televisions contain very high levels of lead which can be fatal for human health. Monitors of PCs comprise of harmful glass panels.

Lead Poisoning – Lead batteries used by us can contaminate air, water, and soil. Most of us take e-waste management lightly or ignore it completely because of unawareness of its hazardous effects on health. These harmful elements tend to distort the overall process of brain development. Additionally, they pose serious hazard to the central nervous system and kidneys.

Mercury Poisoning – Motherboards contain very have high levels of Mercury. Wrong disposal of these elements can result in skin and respiratory disorders. Many cases of acute damages to brain have been reported due to mercury poisoning.

Environmental Effects – The cables and PVC panels as well as glass, when reacts with moisture and oxygen, creates hazardous soil that may not be suitable for even building a home as the people breathing that air will suffer from reproduction and proper development of body parts, including the brain. It also spoils the immune system. Stress, anxiety, and other mental problems can arise out of breathing air polluted with glass, PVC and other forms of plastic remains found in electronic items.

Beryllium – Did you know motherboard circuits can cause lung cancer? Yes, it can if you happen to breathe air polluted by fumes released due to a reaction of motherboard elements and air. Beryllium can also cause a number of skin diseases such as serious skin allergies and warts.

E-Waste – The Best Way to Treat

No proper techniques have been implemented for eliminating the serious e-waste issue. Experts in this field believe that the following two methods work the best:

– Recycling

– Refurbishing

As far as recycling goes, there are certain products that may not be recycled completely. For instance, PVC layers cannot be recycled. Manufacturers should use recyclable material. This will allow e-waste to get converted into a material that may be used again without producing harm to the planet.

Refurbishing can be used for electronics. This will make them ready to be sold once again at a reduced price. So before throwing your television set into garbage bin, get in touch with a vendor and enquire him about refurbishing. You can also donate the item for charity.

The Solution

Relying on some of the reputed e-waste management companies will help you dispose the harmful waste in a proper way. These companies are licensed and experienced to undertake these tasks. The team of professionals is trained in handling harmful elements of the waste and separating it from electronic devices without producing harm to the environment of people around.

To Conclude

The idea of apt disposal of e-waste is to convert them into less harmful elements prior to disposing them off completely. Most importantly, organizations and general public must work together to adhere to a sound policy on the topic.

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