Exercises that could be bad for your shoulders

Have you been aiming to build those sculpting shoulders? We can understand that for any fitness freak getting sculpting shoulder is the topmost priority. Definitely including all shoulder exercises in your weight training program will be beneficial, but there are some of the most critical aspects that you need to be mindful about before you decide to stack on the weights.

Do you know that shoulder is one of the parts in the body that is more prone to injuries? The shoulder muscle group is a larger muscle group you need to stabilize the smaller rotator cuff muscles as well.  Any type of intensive exercise that you perform can potentially damage your shoulders provided the move isn’t performed in the correct manner.

In case, you don’t seem to have the required flexibility and strength at the shoulder, you’re more likely to get hurt by using a muscle group that you don’t mean to use. This results in stressing of shoulder joints and adjacent muscles, eventually leading to wear and tear and latent harm.

That’s why you should consider working with a personal trainer, physical therapist or strength and conditioning professional with personal training certification, specifically if you’re not sure how to perform the exercise appropriately. They can help you improve your posture and create a program that works best for you. Having said that, some exercises can lead to shoulder injuries more than others, especially if you’re doing them wrong.

Here is the list of shoulder exercise that many people out there perform incorrectly and need to seek the assistance of fitness trainer with personal training certification:

  1. Bench press
  2. Push-ups
  3. Overhead shoulder press
  4. Some of the highly advanced exercises like snatches, clean and jerks, kipping pull-ups and kettlebell swings

Let’s have a look at some of the shoulder exercises you must avoid doing.

Shoulder Exercises to Avoid

While most exercises comprising the shoulders are harmless to do, there are a few professionals who would like to suggest these exercises should remain on the “do not take into account” list.

  1. Triceps dips, especially the one which performed by keeping your hands behind on the bench.
  2. Upright rows
  3. Behind the neck shoulder press

Quick suggestions for staying injury-free while training shoulders:

As most of you know the fact that the shoulder muscles are used in several upper-body movements, it’s quite significant to keep them fit and damage-free. Nevertheless, every so often that can be easier provided you work under the supervision of a qualified with personal training certification. Here are a few suggestions to stay injury-free while training shoulders:

  • Try to focus on flexibility and mobility factor
  • Stretching is must during a workout
  • Gradually build up the pace
  • Listen to your body first
  • Work under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

Do you wish to improve the mobility and flexibility of your shoulder muscles? Seek the assistance of a qualified personal trainer, physical therapist or strength and conditioning professional with personal training certification to avoid unwanted shoulder injuries.

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