Find A Job In Hong Kong has become difficult!

There are many reasons for which Hong Kong is a preferred destination for foreigners for jobs and career. Low tax, stable government, stable economy…all these have attracted many international companies to have their offices here. At the same time, young international professionals prefer to settle down here as it offers lucrative pay packages with no tax deduction, including modern infrastructure and amenities. Be it full-time jobs or part time jobs, there were ample opportunities for foreigners till a few years back.

In recent time, things have changed and getting jobs in Hong Kong for foreigners is not that easy. There are many factors leading to a tight job market for foreigners in Hong Kong.

  • There are increased work permit regulations and also the locals are educated and skilled enough to fit into different job roles.
  • Plus, there is competition from mainland Chinese employees as well.
  • More preference is given to local candidates for both part-time and full-time jobs.
  • Previously, expats could easily get jobs in Hong Kong as employers used to give preference to foreigners. In fact, work visa was not required at the initial days of employment.
  • Employers can hire foreign employees today only if they are not able to find any suitable local candidate for the position. Employers also have to obtain an employment visa for their foreign employees immediately.
  • The Hong Kong government had introduced a talent scheme recently to allow employees from the mainland China to work in Hong Kong. They need to have specific experience or work experience in other countries. So, foreign expats face increasing competition from Chinese job seekers.
  • Also, the locals are fluent in native language, both speaking and writing, which give them an added advantage to get both full-time and part-time jobs.
  • In the past, expats used to get good packages, along with lot of perks and benefits. But with increased competition, there are also reports of decrease in compensation packages. For local candidates, this is not a big issue as they are born and brought up there with well-established homes for themselves beforehand. With expats, it is a problem to settle down in a new place. They get a similar package as that of the locals, which does not include housing, education, medical insurance, annual home leave or other benefits.

Thus, for foreigners, getting jobs in Hong Kong has really become difficult. Though, there are some work opportunities available for experienced foreign professionals, yet the job market is not so prospective for foreigners. That is the reason, many foreigners prefer to join in part-time jobs in Hong Kong, to gain experience, expand network and get a full-time permanent job.

Part time jobs for expats in Hong Kong

While there is scope for senior professionals, for young professionals with few years of experience, the job opportunities range from junior to mid-level executive positions. At the lower end of the scale, it is not so difficult to get part-time jobs in Hong Kong. Employees working less than 18 hours per week are referred as “part-time employees” in Hong Kong.

Prominent sectors for part-time and full-time jobs at entry level positions for expats are as follows:

  • Finance
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Accountancy
  • IT
  • Telecommunications
  • Logistics
  • Human Resources
  • Legal and
  • Engineering

Some prominent part-time jobs in Hong Kong include jobs such as

  • English Language Training (ELT) Teachers
  • Home Tutors/School Teachers for specific subjects
  • Customer service representative
  • HR recruiter
  • Content writer
  • Digital Marketer
  • Event Specialist
  • Marketing professional
  • Executive accountant etc.

If as a foreigner, you want to transform your part-time job in Hong Kong into a full-time job, you really need to show a high degree of professionalism, specialist knowledge, and experience. Foreigners who have knowledge of speaking and writing either Cantonese or Mandarin or both, as well as English have better chances of permanent recruitment.

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