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How To Create A Mobile App That Stands Out In The Crowd?

The trends in mobile app design come and go, but if your app is unique, it will never go out of style. Have you decided to build a mobile app? Well, even if you have a great idea, it is not that simple to just get started.  Building a great mobile application takes time because good things take time. The market today is super competitive. In case you didn’t know, the app store grows 1.5k apps per day. Yes, per day! Now there must be a secret formula to build a mobile app that sells, right? Well, it have a complicated answer. A great deal of effort is involved but a good thing is, coming up with a selling marketing strategy for your app won’t cost a thing. If you do everything consistently and hire an experienced mobile app development company, you will eventually design a mobile app that stands out in the crowd.

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Ask any company offering state of the art mobile app development services and they will tell you here is how it’s done:

Create an awesome logo

A logo is an integral part of the mobile app. It should catch the attention of your audience. To be honest, even a simple logo takes time. It must be placid and immediately imprint on the user’s brain.

App description matters

You will need an impeccable description of your app that defines what it does. Lines like “This app has many features.” or “This app is free.” are not included in a sound description.

Your app description should be persuasive enough to make the user click on the download button. Hire a copywriter if you must and make sure your description is awesome.

Add videos and screenshots

Plain text is not enough, along with app description, you also need to videos and screenshots of the app. Capture all the features and create a short but a compelling video. It should explain how to use the app. It should tell the user how or why your app is unique. This is not usually included in the Android app development services, your marketing team is supposed to take care of this.

Genuine reviews

After a great app description, videos, and screenshots, the next thing you will need is customer reviews. Believe it or not, they can largely influence the decision of other users. They actually serve as a feedback about your app. By reading the opinion of other users, a potential user decides whether or not he should be downloading your app. So, gather genuine reviews and ratings. The stars you get will help in determining the caliber of your app.

Last updates

It is very critical to keep on updating your app. Updating doesn’t just remove bugs in your app. It means you are putting all the effort you can to improve your app’s features and provide a better user experience to people so that they keep coming back to use your app.

Become the trendsetter

Who doesn’t like exclusive things? So instead of just giving people what’s already out there, why not create something new and exclusive? Get some inspiration from WhatsApp. It doesn’t have any ads and it is one of the most popular instant messenger chats. Plus, it is very user-friendly. If you really want your app to stand out, you must offer something unique to wow the audience.  The company offering you mobile application development services cannot come up with a great app idea but it can suggest you some changes that can make the UI better than ever. So, don’t dismiss their opinion.

Make it free

Your mobile app should be free. Why you ask? Because 90 percent of the users like to use free apps even if there is some category in it that requires purchases. Go for the Pro-theory. Offer the app for free but to access advanced features, make your users buy the pro version. If the user seems to like your app, he won’t hesitate in paying to use premium features.

Now that you know the formula to create a mobile app that stands out, start looking for a mobile app development company today. You never know, even a simple idea can become a hit.


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