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How to Prolong the Battery Life of Your MacBook

No matter how much any of us spend on our laptops, none of it means nothing if we are not able to make the battery life last long enough for us to complete all our tasks. When you are at home or in the office, you have the opportunity to plug it in. But if you are working on the move, you will mostly not get that option. If the battery of your laptop is not able to last the entirety of that period, you might be in serious trouble. Your valuable work may even be lost if you were not able to save it in time before the laptop died.

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Apple devices are well known for having massive battery life, besides their powerful performance. Battery life is something that no brand in the world has been able to beat, or even rival, Apple products in. Those who own an iPhone, iPad or MacBook know well that a fully charged Apple device takes days to discharge fully even if you are using it constantly. It is one of the reasons the people in Dubai choose Apple over other brands. After all, it is one less thing to worry about when you are working.

But that does not mean you can take the battery life of a MacBook for granted. If you abuse the battery, nothing in the world would be able to prevent an untimely requirement for MacBook battery replacement Dubai. Like all products, you must take good care of your battery to make it last. In fact, there are a number of tips that you can follow to maintain and even extend your MacBook battery life. If you follow these, you will not have to go for MacBook battery replacement, Dubai for a long time. Some of these pointers have been listed below for your convenience.

  1. Turn down the screen brightness from 100%.In the same vein, turn off the keyboard backlight if you are not working in the dark.
  2. Alter the power settings to act differently based on whether your MacBook is attached to a power source or running on battery. You can turn off the Power Nap and also turn off the MacBook if you will not use it again for a substantial time.
  3. Turn off the applications that you are not using instead of letting them run in the background. Especially keep check of the high power-consuming apps and update apps regularly. Similarly, do not keep the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when not in use.
  4. Keep track of the battery condition. If the MacBook is not giving the desired results in spite of every step followed, it might be time to get it checked for MacBook battery replacement, Dubai. Your MacBook will also notify you if your battery has gotten too old.

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