How to wear a wedding witness dress with elegance?

Being part of a wedding and witnessing the couple take the vow is a normal scene where each and every one of us becomes a witness to the holy ceremony. But being a wedding witness to your friend or someone close in the family is a special position, and you need to make the best of it.

If you do chance upon the honor of being a wedding witness, the first thing you should think about is about your own costume. This is a kind of edgy situation, where you need to look your best but must not surpass the bride. The bride and the groom are supposed to be the most beautiful creations on their special day. Therefore you must strike a balance and be in harmony with the pair.

You may discuss with the couple regarding the same before the celebrations begin. Celebrations will have various kinds of contests, games, photo sessions with the witnesses present in most of the frames. So the event requires you to be best dressed one. Now, how to dress for a wedding witness?

The attire: The wedding witness dress has to be elegant, luxurious and gracious but only second best to the bride, who is the star of the day. With a bit of imagination and attention to the latest trend in the fashion, you may decide upon the style and color of the dress. The color white is prohibited as it is the traditional color of the wedding dress of the bride. Additionally, there is a possibility of getting mistaken with the bride. So the dress has to be of any color.

Wearing a fluffy skirt and a low neckline is another taboo in the function. Active, elegant attire should be considered which will help in free movement. Since you will be busy with the celebrations, the dress should not hinder your movement.

Nuances: Some nuances to be taken care of would be,

  • Check if the wedding is theme based and be in sync with the event.
  • Choose flowing light fabrics having pastel and soft hues. Dark and solid colors can also be used if it goes tandem with the bride’s overall attire.
  • A sleeveless dress would be better.
  • See to it that you are comfortable in the dress as there will be a lot of moving around to participate in dances and contests.

Hairstyle and Accessories: Some suggestions for the hairstyling to go along with the dress.

  • Choose a hairstyle which will stay for a longer time without getting disheveled. The style should be manageable.
  • Do not overload your hair with styling accessories. A small flower barrette would look good.
  • Styling with deliberate imperfections gives a charm, like a stray strand.
  • Graceful curls are lying on the shoulder and back.
  • Most of the times an elegant bun looks classy and stylish. Supplement it with flowers, hairpin or rim.
  • Choose chains, pendants, beads, and earrings that go with the dress without overdoing it.
  • Carry a fancy bag or clutch which could hold some important items like a ring or a mobile phone and should go well with the overall attire.
  • Go for shoes which are comfortable as you will be required to stand for long periods and the whole day will be busy and bustling.

That completes the look of the wedding witness. Choose a wedding witness dress that combines style and comfort and fulfill your role of witnessing the beautiful bride enter into wedlock.

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