Importance of visualization in data analytics

Data analytics experts work day and night to dig out important information from tones of useless data. This important information is worth nothing if executives and experts are unable to deduce nothing out of it. And this is where data visualization comes into play. From simple bar graphs and pie charts to advanced spider charts and scatter plots, the importance of visualization in analytics is limitless. This is why business organizations while recruiting analytics experts look for individuals with talents in data visualization. A professional who is more than comfortable in using visualization tools and is trained in using those is always preferred over those who have limited skill in data visualization. Thus, if you are hoping to make a career in data analytics then you must consider training in data visualization tools.

Popular tools for data visualization:

In data analytics you are always required to play with cutting edge technology. In visualization too you have plenty of tools to visualize your data in the way you want. While some are good in handling any kind of data, some are preferred by all and used across the globe by data analytics experts. Tableau deserves especial mention in this regard.


Tableau leads the data visualization software industry and has been in the top for quite some time. It is not only the most popular data visualization tool but also has an unrivalled user base around the globe. With customers like Netflix and Spotify, Tableau is undoubtedly one of the most successful software tools available in the market today and Tableau training should be definitely considered by all who are dedicated on career in analytics.

Some advantages of tableau!

  • Tableau excels in data visualization. It features a drag-and-drop interface which allows the users to create box plots, tree maps, predictive visuals, and cohort analyses with only a few clicks.
  • It is very easy and fun to use and it also allows the users to multiple databases and spreadsheets.
  • Tableau also has the capability to handle advanced analytics and users can learn using tableau very easily that too without much coding!

Tableau training is even more beneficial in Malaysia as the country is developing its digital economy at a rapid pace and it is also the hot bed of analytics jobs. With a good user base and support community in Malaysia, a training in tableau can be very beneficial to job seekers in Data analytics.

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