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India embraces cutting edge technologies!

In the budget speech of 2018, the finance minister of India spoke of how advanced techs like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and 3D printing are going to help in India’s drive towards becoming a knowledge and digital society. In June, 2018 the NITI Aayog announced the “National Strategy for Artificial intelligence” emphasizing on the fact that AI will prove to be a catalyst for the country in its pursuit of overall development.

 Soon, 3K crore rupees were allocated for the ‘Digital India’ program and many more programs were launched to boost the adoption and implementation of AI, ML and DL throughout India. Thus, the intent of the Indian government is pretty clear that India will not shy away from the cutting edge technologies in the digital space and will embrace it to reap the benefits of such technologies. You can also get trained in techs like Machine Learning in Bangalore and other cities and be a part of India’s digital transformation.

How the cutting edge techs can help India?

India suffers from multiple problems which are slowing down India’s pace of growth and development. Problems like corruption, illiteracy, terrorism are plaguing India and immediate solutions are required to fight those. And this is where AI and ML can play a major role in India:

  • In the Healthcare

India does not even have 1 doctor per thousand persons and that figure is unlikely to change in the near future. The medical staff on the ground faces a lot of pressure and often patients die due to lack of proper healthcare. A strong ML powered system can even help with the diagnosis of diseases which are hard to diagnose like cancer. A company called BERG has already being doing this in the US.

  • To Fight crime

The most fascinating power of AI and ML is its capability to quicken the decision making process thereby helping leaders to take smart decisions quickly. An AI powered system can effectively go through massive volumes of data to gather crucial intelligence and even predict potential crimes leading to quick detection and prevention. A report by McKinsey in June 2018 has shown how data driven systems have helped in reducing fatalities by 10% and lower crimes by 40%.

  • To Fight corruption

India loses billions every year to financial frauds and corruption and this problem can be solved by ML. Machine Learning is a type of technology which teaches machines to carry out intelligent tasks by the help of data. The same is used by Huawei technologies to detect frauds in credit card and e-wallet transactions. They do it by training ML models in a big data environment by feeding tons of user data.

There is no limit to what India can achieve by adopting techs like ML. For starters it has been already helping with India’s unemployment problem because of a high demand for skilled professionals and any trained in Machine Learning in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune are getting employed with hefty pay packages.

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