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Is Your Portable Water Filter a Cheap and Dangerous Overseas Knock-Off?

In the wake of completing a few surveys on different water channels here on Portable Water Filters I considered beginning on online store to offer the better quality brands I believed I could remain behind. Normally, the initial step is to look out discount hotspots for each brand.

A ton of these merchants make versatile water channels… and you may have gotten it, a significant number of these channels nearly look like the absolute most mainstream and respectable brands accessible, for example, LifeStraw, Sawyer, Katadyn, LifeSaver and others. Look at a couple of items here on that I found – numerous are so close in appearance to real brands it is to some degree disturbing. I at that point completed a look on for compact water channels and the outcomes were similarly disturbing – a significant number of the items I found on Alibaba,com are available to be purchased on

You Must Be Able To Trust These Water Filters 100%

Let’s be honest, when you purchase a water channel it “MUST” do what you expect or you hazard getting sick, sick if your water source being referred to is viewed as high hazard, for example, may be found in Africa, India or different regions of the world with water borne perilous infections, microscopic organisms et cetera. You can’t bear to take any risks, and purchasing water channels from obscure sources which are not upheld by legitimate organizations is hazardous – extremely unsafe!

Presently, I am not saying every one of these channels are hazardous, shoddy water channels. Some abroad makers may stick to elevated expectations wanting to manufacture a decent notoriety, nonetheless, I figure the vast majority will concur when I say, “For each great quality item made in China, there are 5 second rate items made”, you just need to go shopping at any Walmart or other huge retail chain to confirm this.

Quality brands who have built up a decent notoriety that you can trust is essential to guaranteeing you have bought a versatile water channel that will ensure your wellbeing and prosperity.

What Brands Can You Trust?


All things considered, first. give me a chance to state, I would not believe any brand that I have never known about.

Besides, on the off chance that you purchase a no-name mark and become ill, I would bet, that you would pay ten times the cost of the most costly brand name water channel to feel sound once more!

Thirdly, make certain to purchase from an outstanding source like Amazon and ensure the items is “Dispatched and Sold by Amazon” or if nothing else sold by the organization that makers the water channel or is an affirmed merchant for the producer (typically a rundown is accessible on their official site).

There are just four brands as of now that I would trust with regards to “Convenient” water channels (in some cases alluded to as individual water channels). These brands are expansive organizations that can’t bear the cost of terrible press and items that don’t execute as depicted. I’ll list these beneath and quickly why I would pick them.

Lifestraw Water Filters – My #1 Choice

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Review ImageI possess relatively every item made by LifeStraw and as of late requested the LifeStraw Mission (which looks extraordinary and I will give an audit on it soon). I would love to get the LifeStraw Community yet it is a bit past my needs and value run right now. LifeStraw is fabricated by Vestergaard Frandsen, Switzerland, and the organization has numerous activities it can be glad for. They are extensive organization with the capacity and assets to remain behind every one of their items.

Lifestraw is specific in their selection of merchants and to the best of my insight, has not had any issues or terrible press with respect to any of their items. This says a ton with respect to Vestergaard Frandsen and LifeStraw.

Katadyn Water Filters and Desalinators

katadynKatadyn is additionally out of Switzerland and the quality is obvious in their items. They were the “Primary” organization to deliver a top of the line individual water channel, specifically the “Katadyn Pocket Water Filter”. Right up ’til the present time, I need to state, it is a standout amongst other made, most noteworthy quality water channels you can purchase, at a cost obviously which is around $300. Katadyn offers a constrained scope of water channels, yet what they do offer is high caliber and dependable. They even offer a line of Desalinators.

Lifeline Water Filters – Great Filters But They Need to Rebuild Consumer Confidence

lifeline jerrycanLifesaver offers an uncommon line of water filtration items, everything from individual water bottle channels to full size mechanical limit frameworks. In any case, as I would like to think, they concentrated to much on innovative work and not deals, thus they kept running into money related issues and were procured by Icon Technologies not long ago. What’s more, they had an issue with their LifeSaver 6000 Bottle Filter and Icon Technologies needed to end creation and right the issues – which has been done and was as of late affirmed (see the give an account of their site).

Sawyer Water Filters

sawyer-smaller than normal water-filterSawyer is a genuinely new player in the individual water channel industry. They have manufactured an awesome notoriety and there items are basic and simple to utilize.

They center mostly around little channels extremely appropriate to the hiking and outdoors advertises. I for one possess 2 of their channels and keep one in my truck and the other in my rucksack. The measure of their water channels make them simple to store anyplace. Basic successful outline is the Sawyer brand and I trust they will wind up one of the best makers of individual water channels sooner rather than later.

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