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Life Cycle of a Pest or Bed Bug

It’s two words no one ever wants to hear: bed bugs. These pests have been the bane of homeowners and apartment dwellers for decades. Before tighter regulations came down on pesticides, these parasites were virtually eradicated. But, they’ve made a somewhat recent resurgence in urban centers where they thrive on close living quarters, hitchhiking through mass transit, and a never-ending supply of food as populations continue to grow. Dealing with them is challenging to say the least.

What is the life cycle of bed bugs and the prognosis once you’ve confirmed you have an infestation?

The life cycle of a bed bug can actually give you a fair bit of information about how long you’ve had them and what the chances are of getting rid of them easily (with or without the help of Pest Control Sterling Heights. Once eggs are laid it takes about a week for them to hatch an entirely new generation of bed bugs to continue the cycle of discomfort and misery in your home.

They say even two-bed bugs are enough to infest an entire house if left untreated. This is because female bed bugs are known to lay as many as 250 eggs after a mating cycle, and with them hatching in just about a week, that results in a lot of bed bugs fast. Some fast tips on the life cycle of a bed bug are below.

Average Lifespan of the Bed Bug

When bed bugs hatch from eggs that are often found in crevices in and around places where humans tend to sit or lay for long periods of time, they require a blood meal in order to molt their skin and move into the next stage. So, you can expect some bites from even newborn bed bugs. In the right conditions, they’ll become adults within a month of this and then live for at least another 6 months. Some bed bugs have been known to survive for years and go months without eating, which is why starving them out is not an option. So, we will recommend you call a Bed Bug Exterminator in Michigan to arrive at your home, so that you could get rid of these parasites.

How Long Does an Infestation Take?

An infestation doesn’t happen overnight. A few bugs that have found their way into your home and haven’t yet laid eggs can be stamped out fairly easily. But most people don’t realize they have bed bugs until it’s too late. So, how long does it take before a few bites become a big problem? So, before it’s too late to call an Exterminators in Sterling Heights mi, you should take the step. As mentioned, it takes around 6 weeks for a newborn bed bug to become an adult. So, you can have a few bed bugs for over a month before it becomes a full-blown infestation.

Note: Despite the fact that bed bugs bite humans and ingest blood, they are known transporters of diseases, neither on their exoskeleton nor from biting multiple hosts. It should be noted, however, that secondary skin infections can occur from excessive itching to a bite. So if you want to stay healthy and stay away from infection than only an Exterminator Troy mi can help you on this.


Bed bugs are misery, there is no way around that. But knowing a little bit about the life cycle and habits of bed bugs can help you decide what to do if an infestation strikes. They’re not an easy fix, but there are ways to bring some knowledge to your table and ensure bed bugs don’t completely ruin your peace of mind.

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