Pregnancy Calendar – Tips To Be Followed For The First Time Mothers

The kick counter wristband might ensure that the baby is alive and thriving. You are in much better mental space at this point of time.  But advice might be pouring in from various quarters and this includes your immediate family and friends. With a daily pregnancy calendar you might be keeping a track of all the changes that is expected during the tenure of pregnancy. Let us now explore some of the things that would help you during the tenure of pregnancy

Delivery and time at the labour

There is a strange myth that a lot of people would like to share horror stories with pregnant ladies. Just ignore them as most of the pregnancies would just go away and there is nothing to worry at the same time. At the same time be aware what the correct time for you to give birth is. You need to have an open mind on how the delivery will unfold on that given day. If you set your heart on how the delivery is going to happen during the day the chances of disappointment might loom big time.

It would be really trick on when to head over to the hospital. The contractions could prove to be very trick as it does become important to figure out the true from the false ones. If you are really worried it does make sense to get in touch with your provider.

daily pregnancy calender


There does exist a myth that pain could be really painful. Each and every mother is different on how they are going to face up to the pain. It would be better if you do not fear the pain, but work out ways on how you are planning to cope up with it. In case of some mothers they might think on the lines of pain medication. Adopt a wait and watch strategy as try to cope up with the process of childbirth without any major medications. The onus is on you and whatever method you choose the outcome does rests on the patient.

Once the baby is born

The moment a baby is born you do face a lot of emotions. This could be a sense of being happy and tears of emotion might roll down your cheeks as well. There are chances that the baby would have a lot of white hair or tinge of sparse hair on them. Just bear with all these changes as the day is not far off when your baby is going to look the way you had thought in the first place.

There is a strong possibility that the baby is very active during the first hour of pregnancy and it does make sense to start off with the process of breastfeeding. The milk might take some time to come in, but colostrum would already be there as well. This does provide the baby with all the energy and immunities that they need.  Slowly and steadily breastfeeding will develop.

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