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Solid reasons to get a non white wedding dress

Weddings means gala time with floral designs, tire wedding cake covered in foundant and the bride dressed in white. This is the most monotonus dressing look that comes off in a brides closet weeks before the actual wedding. While the bride chooses the same old white shade for a dress, the bridesmaids have to settle down for pastel shades, making them look dull. Sounds like the most unexciting thing for a day that is supposed to be YOUR DAY! So what can you do to change the old dull traditional composure? Adapt a dazzling aquamarine costume and eliminate the white bridal gown. Be the one to create a statement that you truly are one of a kind!

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Weddings and the dresses

Planning a wedding is not easy. Especially for the bride. You need to pay attention to everything that goes on right from the catering to sitting arrangements. You have got no time to be unsatisfied with a dress. Every woman dreams of her wedding ever since er childhood and there is an ideal imagination that she will try to portray through her wedding. Hence the idea of a dress is already in your mind but you may be unsure of the shade of the total outlook of this dress ythat you are going to wear in your wedding day. And what better way to define your own style by standing out from brides all around the world than to wear a shade that reflects your personality?

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Try an aquamarine wedding gown and you will not regret the looks of awe you will be recieving from your guests.

Non white gown but why?

Breaking away from the tradition, you will be a tad bit unsure.

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It does require a lot of courage to stand strong and be firm about your decision when you yourself are not thoroughly sure whether an aquamarine gown is a good idea or not. But trust yourself, there are benefits of choosing a gown that is neither a primary shade nor is a pastel one.

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Selecting aquamarine

Out of all the shades available why select aquamarine to be a part of your wedding day?

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Perfect shade

Pastel colors are very ruly. There are many factors that are accounted while getting the beige or the pink tone. But what you are missing out on is a look that is going to turn everyone’s head into your direction. In such a caseyou need to portray a color that suits everyone and gives you a beautiful aura.

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So yes aquamarine is a color that represents royality and has a lot of zeal to the entire look that you, as a bride will want to showcase to the entire world. The aquamarine costume will bring out the appeal or give away a princess Cinderella like vibe and make your night magical!

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