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Tax free residency for high net worth individuals in Latvia and Malta

In Latvia’s new residency program, there was a very good response from the people. However, you must know that the residency only offered the program to the high net worth individuals, non EU citizens who are seeking for a permanent residence in the European Union. This was a fast track and hassle free system in return for making a deposit in a Latvian bank of either 300,000 euro or 400,000 dollars.

The parliament of Latvia, Republic passed the modification to the Law on Immigration in order to provide them additional possibilities of obtaining a residence permit in that area. Well, these amendments entered within the force on July 1st of the year 2008. Latvia’s new residency program was facing some political tests at that time, because the former mayor of Moscow had applied for a residency under that program after having a vociferous critic of the Latvian Government.

However, both of the Malta and Latvia come within the Schengen area and it clears that the residents will be able to move freely around most of the Western Europe. Apart from all these things, have you ever thought of the high net worth individuals who were not getting bothered by any kind of economic slumps or anything?

These individuals are making money with their simple strategies and with such simple trick, they are feeding all the interests they have in every end. Whether it is about the artistic passion or urge for buying new vehicles, they are on the top of the lists. What’s more one can be in need of from life?

Average people are also willing to be on such list and for that reason, they are enrolling in the HNI training and development courses in Dubai. The people who have at least assets of more than 1 million dollars, they can think about such investments. Such high net worth individuals do not work and have no jobs. They simply deal and that is what makes them earn more money from the investment.

The rule they follow is like a legacy handed down to them over the generations. What they do not have? They have luxurious vehicles, clothing items, yacht, and also the artistic things they need to feed their passion, what’s more you want. Every day is like holidays for them and wherever they go whether that is a golf match or a foreign trip, they find out potential deals from there.

This is really good and foremost, this is what helps them make more money. People who are willing to have such lifestyle, but they do not have any idea of multiplying the money they have, they can simply consider enrolling their names for such HNI courses in Dubai. Professionals are there to help you and you will be able to follow your dream as much you want. Various centers are there and you will have to choose the one you want to learn the strategies with.

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