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Things to Know When Selling Home In Silicon Valley, California (CA)

If you’re planning to sell your home in Silicon Valley in the coming 6 to 24 months, there would be a lot of queries related to home selling, mainly the home listing, marketing, and getting the appropriate market worth price in due time. You may be speculating what to do next. Below pointers would guide you to move forward.

What are some of the primary points to be considered while selling a home in California (CA)?

  • Knowing the worth of your home in the present market
  • Using a trustworthy real estate brokerage
  • Increasing your networking skill
  • Deciding whether to sell in an upper market or a down market
  • Screening prospective buyers considering the condition of your home
  • Proper inspections required before selling
  • Estimating the cost for staging the home for sale
  • Time and labour investment


In today’s fast-paced world buying and selling properties remains obstinately difficult. Mostly all the sales begin with real estate agents with a commission of approximately 6% – 8% and then followed by tons of paper works of legalese. However, most of the tech companies are trying to revolutionize the overall experience of buying and selling homes in Silicon Valley, California (CA).  They are contributing virtual open home spaces and hassle-free complete digitalized deal closing formalities. Now a day, the concept is shifting from the traditional way of buying and selling homes to the faster and digital way of the property buying experience. These companies are transforming the practice of instantly buying the homes itself and do some customization and maintenance and put them back to shelve for sale again. Along with it the established real estate ventures are using erudite algorithms for analysis and hence predict the real value of the homes. Often these predictions are pooled with antediluvian techniques of home selling which only allows them to be more accurate and efficient home flippers. Silicon Valley has already toppled the approach as our order clothes online or we hail a cab service.


Time to change – Online Home Seller Resources

  • Some Silicon Valley home proprietors prefer to glean data related to home sale off the web rather than going directly into the real estate brokers.
  • Would you like to see real estate properties for sale in your area of Silicon Valley? This delivers more thorough information on Silicon Valley housing, including commercial real estate, residential real estate, some rentals, and lands

However, the main question remains what is the net worth of my Silicon Valley home in today’s market?

Perhaps the biggest question dwells in every home seller’s mind is what is the net worth of my home in present market? Even if you are not actively planning to sell your home, but would like to estimate of what your Silicon Valley real estate is worth in today’s market. In order to overcome the dilemma it is advisable to make a list and ponder the following points:

  • Prepare a detailed analysis of your home and the present markets scenario
  • Ask for the best pricing strategy counsel
  • Provide price enhancing home sale planning advice
  • Promoting the home in order to get the best buyer
  • Advice the real estate agents when presenting the home to the potential buyers to encourage them to buy the property now
  • Review all details and then offer negotiation of your interest
  • Provide assistance in obtaining financing to the buyers or their agents as needed.
  • Manage the closing of the home sale with other lenders, realtors, appraisers, attorneys, inspectors, and insurance companies
  • Communicate to keep updated on every progress of the sale of the home
  • Provide post-sale servicing and proper follow-up to assure complete satisfaction
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