Top 10 Best Places to visit in India

India is a fascinating country and any place we visit will be unforgettable. On this occasion we will make a tour of the best places, the most beautiful and fascinating that the country has. A brief tour of those corners that appear in the movies and that we cannot get lost under any circumstance if we intend to visit India.


1. Undoubtedly the most beautiful fort in India. The “Amber fort “. An impressive fort that will not leave us indifferent. A visit that will take us between 2 and 4 hours a few kilometers from the city of Jaipur .

2. Chand Baori is  the largest water wells on the planet. 13 heights to leave us open-mouthed. A place almost without tourism and you will be alone enjoying the silence and the beauty of the place. Also in the vicinity of Jaipur . This means that you have to visit Jaipur, yes or yes.If you want to know how to get there, click on this link. How to reach Jaipur.

3. A few kilometers from the border of Pakistan is a dream city. Jaisalmer , city of the silk route. A medieval city that preserves the essence of those rich cities of India dedicated to the trade of silk and spices.

4. The sacred city of India, the city of Hinduism, the wonderful city of Shiva, Varanasi  located in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Bathed by the River Ganges and gilded by the sun is one of the oldest cities on the planet. A place to fall in love with that leaves no one indifferent, sometimes just the opposite. Either you love her or hate her, with no middle ground.

5. A fantastic place to rest from the hustle and bustle of the limes of the great Indian cities. Palaces, forts and places full of magic make Orchha an essential stop on our journey. Near Agra, a few kilometers from Jhannsi.

6. It is not one of the most famous ruins in the world but it can certainly be considered one of the most spectacular. Hampi is a haven of peace among all the travel madness that India supposes. By bike or motorcycle will not leave you indifferent and will leave you with memories in your mind that you will never forget. In the Karnataka region.

7. The paradise in India. One of the most unknown places, at a short time of Goa is Gokarna . The perfect place to arrive and never leave. A simply spectacular site that overshadows places like Goa, much more crowded.

8. There the New Age was born, near the birth of the Ganges, in the foothills of the Himalayas. The small and beautiful city of Rishikesh shows a clean Ganges, with turquoise waters where even today it is possible to bathe or do some kind of sporting activity. Backpacker’s peace refuge and meeting place for yogis.

9. They call it the Venice of the East, Udaipur . His palace is simply beautiful and its streets the best to get lost. Lake Pichhola in its center invites you to tour the city without losing sight of its imposing palace and its luxurious hotels. Dining in the roofs of the guest houses with the fireworks in the background over the lake is one of the best experiences that can be lived there.

10. Ellora , dug in the rock. Its temples arise when extracting the remaining rock and reveals by the hands of the artists some of the most impressive temples on the planet. The main one of them all suspended on dozens of stone elephants. In the state of Maharastra there are Ellora caves and in them the temple of “Kailasanatha”, an architectural madness worth seeing.

Many other places are spectacular, this list of ten represent the ones that impressed us most of our trips through India. Each in a different tip and all of them stuck in our retinas forever. You can enjoy your India tour in a unique way with Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train.

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