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Top Rodent Control Tips You can Follow for a Mice Free Home

Rodent control is not an easy task. However, make sure you do not delay finding a solution as soon as you spot signs of rodent attack at home or office.

Here are some effective tips to help you achieve full control over rodents:

Use Traps

This might sound cliché but it is the number one solution you can rely on. Buy a snap trap. This is also recommended by professionals. Another option is to use the catch-and-release rat trap.

Understand the Warning Signs

Rodent damage usually happens silently and over time. However, the damage can be real (compare it to fire or flood wrecking your house). So keep an eye on all tell-tale signs of rodents in your home. Rats and mice are nocturnal. So watch out for nighttime noises, scratching, gnawing, etc. Most of these nest at attic. If they have invaded this place, there can be fluctuations in the heating and cooling system. Pets at home can let you know about it. They will act defensive or restless because their territory gets invaded.

Be Safe

Focus on your safety first. Rodents are potential carriers of dangerous parasites and diseases. These diseases can be seriously damaging to humans. Rodent feces are harmful for health. They can contaminate your food. Rats in the attic can lead to Hantavirus (a serious pulmonary condition). Salmonella may spread through contamination of food from feces or urine of rodents. Professional rodent control services can help you get rid of this hazard from house effectively.

Remove All Entry Points

This is the most crucial step you can take while removing rodents from your house. Seal off all entry points by using rat-proof materials. This will prevent them from returning. Try using metal mesh. This is very helpful in getting warned as soon as some gnawing occurs. Slipping through the cracks can be difficult with a mesh around. Caulking can be added to the mesh. This fills up tight crawl spaces. The job is best left to trained and experienced professionals.

Going Green

Rodenticides available commercially are meant for rodents. However, these can adversely affect human and pet health. There have been many cases where pets have suffered accidental deaths after coming into contact with rodent poison! The solution is to go for green methods. You can rely on ultrasonic rat deterrent. This emits very high-frequency sound waves which can be heard only by rats/mice. The sounds from the device are known to cause unbearable distress for rats. Another idea is to seal all entry points to your home. Also lay traps for rodents. Rodent deterrents should be used effectively to solve the issue.

Clean Attic

The attic is one of the most neglected parts of your home. No wonder rodents use this as their favorite nesting place! Make sure you schedule a deep clean day for your attic. The best thing to do is to use a professional decontamination services about every 3 years. This is crucial to protect attic insulation from rodent damage.

If you suspect that rodents have invaded your house, it is time to get into action. Get in touch with your local rodent control specialists. They are the best people to rely on. The team of specialists will reach your home to implement the key steps requisite for removing rodents. These include:

– Inspect the site carefully

– Seal all entry points

– Lay trap for rodents

– Remove the rodents without producing harm to homeowners and pets

– Sanitize the area

Removing dead rodents on your own is very risky. These might carry highly infectious diseases. Following the above listed tips will help you to protect your home from rodents.

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