Top Things that you should know about India

1. Colors of India

One does not give credit when he arrives in India and begins to discover that his range of known colors has little to do with what he sees there. Intense, almost dazzling roses, reds, yellows or blues can be seen in the turbans of men or the saris of women that often mix them in a way that in the West would be almost impossible to imagine, but with the contrast of the The golden sand of the Thar desert create a unique contrast.

2. The famous Chai stall

chai stall

In India tea tastes like nowhere else. It is taken very hot and with a lot of sugar, in metal bowls or in small crystal glasses. Its intense flavor comes not only from the quality of the tea (India produces some of the best teas in the world), it also influences that mixture of spices that give it a unique aroma: cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and even pepper can be added to the Indian national drink. if you are travelling to India Chai is the one of the important thing that you should never miss.

3. The smiles

It is enough that you move away from the most tourist places to discover that the Indians are curious but cordial people. If you are friendly and you try to share a time with them, you will take as your memory the best smiles you can imagine, those of sincere people who appreciate not being treated as a simple object to take a picture of. The language of gestures is international and will allow you to spend some time with people unaccustomed to foreigners, who at first look with curiosity and finally with the joy of discovering something new and fun.

4. The markets

Little to do with those neat and tidy places that we are used to in our countries, but despite this the markets of India are fascinating. Women come to them to sell fruits, vegetables, clothes, … everything is placed on large fabrics on the floor creating a mosaic of colors where the tiles are peppers, oranges or mangoes. A lively place where people come and go looking for the best food for that day. Bundi is one of the best cities to enjoy these markets or, for those who prefer a little more order, in Bikaner there is one that is closer to our market idea.

5. The smells

India is the country of contrasts, there is no doubt that many times you will have to take your hand to the nose to avoid bad smells . On other occasions, however, you will be amazed by the scent of flowers in the markets of the cities: marigolds, roses, carnations, jasmine … All those flowers that adorn the hair of women and that the faithful take to the temples will wrap you to get drunk. Not to mention those spice markets where the smell of clove and cinnamon invites you to come home with bags full of those products.

6. Famous Temple

Wonderful, unique, exuberant, exotic … Each Indian state offers a different type of architecture, but from the colorful temples of Tamil Nadu, to the famous ones for their erotic Kajuraho sculptures, they will all surprise you. You will want to enter them (leaving your shoes on the door) to contemplate columns, sculptures and, with luck, to be able to witness some of those ceremonies that can only be seen in the “guts” of those places.

7. Shopping in India

Shopping in India

Delhi is the famous place in India for shopping purpose. There are so many places for street shopping in India. Famous Street Shopping Place in Delhi are Connaught place, Lajpat Market, Janpath, Palika Market, Dilli Haat and so many others.

Fabrics of Rajasthan, bronzes of Tamil Nadu, jewels of Karnataka … Those of India will delight more than one, is such the variety of products that one can find that it will be impossible to resist to stand before each store and ask for an article. Yes, a lot of patience at the time of purchase, because bargaining is essential in Indian culture and you have to know that you will have to invest some time if you want to get a good price for that item you want to return home with.


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