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What are the different uses of Heavy duty casters?

One of the key considerations while choosing a caster is its capacity to carry the load. The caster industry manufactures different grades of casters to allow different amount of weights to be carried thus allowing to flow smoothly on the floor. The industrial term for these casters is ‘industrial casters’. The heavy duty wheels and casters can carry a load up to 44,000 pounds.  The industries like warehouse, manufacturing plants and others that requires mobility makes use of these casters. Wheels are available in myriad of sizes and are made up of different materials. Some industries cannot really work without these heavy caster wheels. The medium heavy duty casters can be used for successful operations of handling equipment’s and other industrial uses. To meet such large demands of the industry, various grades of caster wheels have been manufactured in different combination of materials, style and functionality.


Various uses of the heavy duty casters:

Before taking a look at the uses and benefits of heavy casters, it is important to know the difference between standard casters, medium heavy duty casters and heavy casters. The difference is just of the load capacity that it can carry. The standard caster can carry a minimum amount of weight. The medium heavy casters can carry 800-1500lbs. The heavy casters can carry load up to 44,000 pounds. The medium heavy casters are being used in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, laundry carts and other related settings.

The various uses of the heavy casters include the followings:

  • Use of heavy duty casters in Aviation industry– One of the essential benefits of heavy duty wheels and casters is in the manufacturing industry of aerospace and airline industry. One of the important components of aircraft engine stand is the heavy wheel casters. Another notable use of this wheel is in the airplane hangar doors. The wheels used in the hangar doors are versatile and strong to carry the burden of the heavy doors. The casters with speed bearings are used on the aircraft tow bars.  The helicopter also depends on these casters for its operation after landing. The landing dollies of the helicopter are attached with heavy caster wheels to give it more stability and helps n easy handling.
  • Used for moving heavy parts– The manufacturing units make use of both heavy caster wheels and medium heavy duty casters depending on their needs. Usually the heavy casters are used in the manufacturing plants because heavy equipment’s and machineries are produced. The industries that make use of heavy casters include- manufacturing plants of heavy equipment’s, automobile assembly plants and aircraft assembly plants. The heavy duty wheelsare used for carrying heavy loads of equipment’s or parts/assemblies from one location to the other with more ease and comfort within the plant. This reduces the burden on the laborers by reducing the load on them.
  • Essential for platform trucks and dollies– The heavy duty wheels and casters are used for successful operation of handling this machine equipment’s. You can take help from the specialists as to which caster you should buy for dollies and platform trucks. An important benefit of using caster wheel is that it is made shock proof which means that the heavy wheels can absorb shock when heavy items are dropped inside the cart. The shock absorbing materials have been used to make it more stress resistant.

Therefore it is very important to choose the right caster wheel which will have benefits not only on the investment that you made but also on the health of the employees, safety and productivity.

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