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What are the ways of smoking marijuana to get the big blows every time you smoke?

The use and, regulation of marijuana have become a topic of public discussion in recent years. In addition to its medicinal uses and the economic consequences of its incorporation into the legal market, we learn more and, more about new cannabis products and derivatives, ways of consuming it, ways of cooking it, new vaporizers and strains that develop every day. But, among them smoking marijuana with a bong, and glass pipes are famous. Today, we will see here a few common ways to smoke marijuana.

What are the ways to smoke marijuana?

It is not the best idea to smoke marijuana from cans or plastic bottles, nor to waste food on this if you can invest in something more healthy and lasting. We know that due to lack of tools, because we have no money or, for the simple pleasure of developing creativity to make any activity more complicated, we humans have found fun and desperate ways to light a joint. But, that’s not the only solution available.


Apple as a tasty medium to smoke

When you have marijuana and nowhere to turn it on, the first idea that comes to your head is an apple. This fruit seems to be stored in our genetic memory, ready to be eaten, smoked or to expel the human race from paradise. If there is one in the kitchen it is enough. You just have to make a small hole in the top and another to one side so that both are connected in the centre. Basically, any fruit or vegetable with a sufficiently solid consistency can be turned into a pipe. This press is recommended for those who needs classic apple taste. But, doesn’t give you smooth feeling.

Smoking Marijuana Vaporizer

Vaporizing is not exactly smoking, but it is another method of consumption. In fact, vaporization does not affect the lungs as much, because you do not need a flame. In general, the PAX vaporizer heats the marijuana enough to enjoy the THC without producing any smoke. And speaking of THC, vaporization allows you to take advantage of 100%. And, even better, there are many different types of vaporizers available in the market. You don’t need to be a genius to connect these ideas. Whereas, a well-made joint that can be taken anywhere. But, it is not enough to create a party mood.

But, after all these options, and discussions, smoking marijuana with a bong is the ideal one. Due to water, the smoke that you inhale comes quite clean, and filtered. Most of the THC molecules dissolves into the water, and you get lot of good white smoke. Whereas, if you use pipe, you get the smoke with maximum THC molecules without filtering. Buying glass bongs online will give you the choice to select from various designs. If you want bigger blows then you can buy the bong accordingly. If you need smaller blows then you can choose medium size glass bongs. If you need puffs then you can rely to smoking pipe, or vaporizers.

Bong of gravity is quite common process

If you want to work in a short time, this method is the ideal. It is more complicated than the apple. But, it is more fun and works if you do not have fruits or do not want to use them for vicious purposes. The only thing that is needed is a bottle, water and some aluminium foil. The bottle is perforated, filled with water and the lid is replaced with aluminium and marijuana. Gravity and emptiness will do the rest of the work, although it is not very nice to think how your lungs can look when you smoke. You can now buy your favourite Bongs online in affordable cost.

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