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What Is The Best Hair Transplant Surgery In Chandigarh?

Once you have lost the hair it does not means that you will not able to get it back. In this modern world many medical improvements have occurred and so the people can able to get the best hair transplant in chandigarh. The surgery will be a helpful one for getting back the natural hair in the short span of the time. You will find it just a miracle and also this will be the good one as this removes the stress, depression, less confidence, and other things. The surgery will not provide any pain and so it is suitable for the teen people and the adults to get the hairs in the head.

How much of hair will be grafted to the head?

The transplantation of the hair will be done with the help of the surgical method and so it is done in the two techniques. One is the follicular unit transplantation and the other one is the follicular unit extraction. The doctors only will decide the best technique for your health condition. Even one of the techniques is less costly than the other one it is necessary for the doctors to accept for that technique. You will get the natural look and so the hairs will not be lost at any moment. You should have to maintain the hair after the surgery with the help of the physician’s advice.

The hair transplantation that is done with the help of the follicular unit transplantation will provide a number of hair grafts in the head. This will be much simpler for the people to get back a lot of the hair follicles. This is the best hair transplant in chandigarh in the recent times. The surgery will be done by taking the strip of the hair follicles from the back of the head and then placing it in the required area.

The hairs that are transplanted will be tested with its color, texture and other things. The FUE is another method that helps the surgeon to pick the individual hair follicles with the help of the advanced tools and then they will transfer it to the required area. This is the technique that is a little bit expensive but gives the more effective results as you will not find any linear scar in it.

How long does it take for the treatment?

The treatment for the hair transplant is done by the experts and so this will not take more than three hours for the completion of the surgery. The people need to follow the instruction that is provided by the doctors. The people who are pregnant or went for various surgeries or having some other health issues are not suitable for this procedure. Also, the patients need to quit smoking and the drinking habits before the one month of the surgery. The surgery will give a completely new look and also you should have to avoid exposing the hair in the direct sunlight. It is also much necessary for the people to keep the head safe and also aerated. The hairs will start to grow when the wounds are healed.

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