What is the technique used in cutting and beveling tubes for industrial uses?

The automation in the welding of tubes and the preparation of metallic tubes for its later welding acquires a capital importance when orbital welding is used. The dimensional accuracy, quality of the hydraulic pipe cutting and beveling machine, welding finish and process speed – not forgetting the cost – is directly related to the technique used in cutting and beveling. The boom experienced in the construction of metal structures based on tubes worldwide and not only in chemical or nuclear facilities but in emerging sectors such as solar thermal installations, has allowed acquiring a great experience in the preparation of tubes in different materials and as a consequence new equipment to obtain welding performance with magnetic pipe cutting machine.

Pipe cutting and chamfering is a process whose cost can be optimized

It must be admitted that within the construction – and / or repair – of installations with pipes, the cutting and subsequent preparation of edges for welding, involves very important economic burdens within the production system. In fact, these are two processes that in practice are encompassed in a single procedure – cutting and beveling.

Its importance (times and costs) and the experience acquired has allowed to design several procedures (depending on material and diameters) that require the use of appropriate hydraulic pipe cutting and beveling machine and which are the most used in most sectors in which the Production processes go through installations with pipes.

ECB cutting and beveling ring

It is a magnetic pipe cutting machine designed to work both in workshop and assembly. High strength and ability to work in thick-walled pipes; offering a fast metal extraction rate and high working speed. In its applications is the cutting of pipes, simultaneous cutting and chamfering. As well as the preparation of welding at the end of the tube. Its features include:

Easy use; with very fast assembly / disassembly on the pipeline

High resistance to simultaneous cutting / chamfering

It can work on any type of materials (from cast iron to high strength alloys – such as stainless steels

Three drive systems – hydraulic, pneumatic and electric (with servo motor).

The hydraulic pipe cutting and beveling machine consists of a structure that supports two circular halves that are placed on any part of a tube (where work is to be done). This arrangement allows its use in confined spaces or in assemblies.

How to define the chamfering machine?

As in all cases, taking into account the characteristics of the tube to be prepared, it must be based on the magnetic pipe cutting machine – usually in these ranges,

Diameters from 3”to 47”.

Tube thicknesses up to 30mm.

Drive systems – hydraulic, pneumatic and electric.

The choice of diameters will be subject to the diameters of the tube.

Improve cutting / beveling performance

Likewise, the chamfer coupled to a supply table will facilitate a square cut, with its respective bevel, also counting on the speed and functionality of a contribution table similar to those used in cutting by band saw.

Advantages of the system

It can be used both in assembly – on site – as in workshop or switching both options; feasible for the easy installation and use of the equipment (any operator can be trained in 1 work day).Cold cutting and chamfering without burrs or need for touch-ups after the process, elimination of physical effort as well as reduction of motorcycle accidents. Elimination of noise and protection, by parts, of the operator and elimination of combustible gases. They meet high safety requirements (CE certification). In addition, depending on the model, a square cut and its corresponding bevel can be ensured with the safety of an automatic process.

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