What to do when it comes to iPad repairing

You were watching a video on the iPad? But suddenly, the screen goes black with the Apple logo, and your iPad won’t turn on and now you sitting utterly confused. What do I do now you ask yourself?  There maybe many reasons why your iPad won’t turn on, ranging from trouble loading to hardware damage. If you know the iPad repair prices, you can get the best service online. Some problems are easier to resolve and some are a little more complicated.

Possible causes of the problem

Several reasons can cause your iPad to malfunction.

  • Outdated iOS – Unsupported software can cause some crashes. Download the latest version of iOS, as it comes with several improvements that optimize the device’s functions.
  • Battery problems – Although it is not the most common problem, it can happen. There may be overheating of the battery. It interferes with charging, and thus the iPad does not turn on.
  • Failure to load – Sometimes, we would not have imagined that the iPad does not turn on due to problems when charging. But, this is also a possibility.

What are the ways to rectify the problem?

Here’s what to do if your iPad won’t turn on.

Charge the battery

When the battery is completely drained, the iPad won’t turn on. Typically, the low battery indicator appears on the screen when iOS does not have enough charge. However, if the battery is completely discharged, the iPad will not respond. The screen will be all black. It is essential to leave the iPad charging for a while. If the iPad doesn’t turn on even though the charger is working, the power sources in the outlet you’re using may not be working correctly.

Perform a hard reset

If even after checking the battery, the iPad does not turn on, It may happen because the screen freezes.In other devices, the procedure to be done is to remove the battery and reinsert it. But as the iPad battery is not removable, another action is necessary.To resolve this failure, try a hard reset, known as a hard reset. Hold power and home buttons and wait for the logo to appear. When the image of the apple appears on the screen, it means that the iPad will start up normally. The device must be at least slightly charged.

Restore factory settings or delete all contents

Restoring factory settings improves device performance. Misconfigured elements can cause problems in some functions. Make a backup before returning to the original factory settings. After the reconfiguration process is complete, you can erase all data to clear storage. No matter the reasons that your iPad needs a repair, the ultimate goal is to get it back in one piece.


We hope that you have tried all of the above. If still the iPad does not turn on. It is time to contact a professional online. Search the internet for the best iPad repair near me at affordable prices. However, there could be any hardware related issues. Only a professional can point it out. Sometimes the iPad won’t turn on because it’s stuck. If the repair is essential, always keep your backup up to date.






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