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Why Should You Buy A Microsoft Surface Pro?

For most tech-savvy people, there are mostly two options when it comes to a laptop that can deliver a heavy-duty performance in a light and compact body. One is the Apple MacBook and the other is the Microsoft Surface. While a lot of people will choose the MacBook due to its reputation, they do not know that the Microsoft Surface laptops provide tough competition to the MacBook in all respects, even outdoing it in many cases.

So if you have always been a Microsoft user and is jittery about shifting to Apple, you do not have to. The newest Microsoft Surface Pro laptops give you everything you need and more. Gone are the days of the monopoly of Apple in the premium laptop section. Microsoft has gained significant traction with its Surface laptops. Let us take a look at where it scores in.

microsoft surface pro

Starting with the design, the Surface Pro is yet to reach the current level of sophistication. While it is light, compact and portable, its bezels are still wide by modern standards.

However, this is a flaw Microsoft is steadily correcting with the newer versions. Now the screen may be smaller, but the display is stellar. If it gets poor, you can always get Microsoft Surface pro LCD replacement to restore it. The keypad and touchpad are highly ergonomic, keeping user convenience and comfort on the forefront. Yet they are highly durable and seldom require Microsoft Surface Pro keyboard repair.

When it comes to external options, the Surface, especially the newer ones, are embracing a greater number of and more universal ports. Thus, you will not have to worry about finding suitable adaptors, a huge advantage for those who work many different IO devices.

microsoft surface pro

Performance-wise too, the Microsoft Surface Pro laptops are overtaking other laptops in the niché by leaps and bounds. With the latest processors, powerful RAM and impressive memory on board, there is hardly any, maybe even no other laptop as powerful as the Surface ones. Some of the Surface computers even have the advantage of upgradable hardware, so that if you mean to do more intensive tasks, you can easily upgrade your hardware for more powerful specs as and when you need. Thus, you do not need to spend money uselessly if you do not need a certain hardware part to be that powerful and can customize your laptop as you need.

In terms of battery life, the Surface Pro can give tough competition to most premium laptops and lasts years before needing a Microsoft Surface Pro battery replacement. Overall, the Surface Pro is both durable and portable, with exemplary customer support and many a reputed Microsoft Surface service center in Dubai. The most notable option for Microsoft Surface repair Dubai is Fixerman obviously. Whether you need Microsoft Surface keyboard change or Microsoft Surface display replacement in Dubai, we do it all. Call 800 FIXME 34963 or WhatsApp +971 58 833 4963 for the lowest Surface Pro 3 screen replacement or Surface Pro 4 screen replacement price today.

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