4 Best Remote Working Tools to Support Seamless Communication During Covid-19

The recent coronavirus outbreak has brought in a dramatic change in people’s lives. People are forced to live inside the home to avoid physical contact with the outside world. Shops are closed, malls have shut down, offices are closed, and whatnot we’re seeing in this time.

During this time, companies are allowing working from home to keep up the productivity. Since no one was prepared for this sudden paradigm shift, we’re still struggling with the arrangements.

Do, you have sufficient and proper remote working tools to manage your office work from home?

Don’t worry! If you’re struggling to find the best tools to support your remote work, then bang on! You’ve hit the right place. We’ll be introducing the best tools of this era to support your remote work.

After all, the greatest advantage of this technological advancement is that you don’t have to physically present to your office to do the work. With the help of some tools, you can seamlessly manage all the office works right from the comfort of your home.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started,



How will you conduct your meeting with your team? How will you discuss the latest ideas with your team? A team meeting is an important part of corporate life, isn’t it? GoToMeeting, powered by LogMein is here for you to support your audio and video conferencing.

You can use the desktop or the mobile version of the ap. The best part is its user-friendliness. You won’t find a single glitch while performing any of the above-mentioned actions.

Since the number of smartphone users is rising incessantly, LogMeIn has made the app mobile-friendly.

Whether you’re an iOS user or Android, the app is for you. But, the app has both a free and paid version. The free version doesn’t allow you to conduct video conferencing. The plan starts at $14 per month which is pretty much affordable for even small-sized business owners.

So, go virtual with GoToMeeting.


Cyberlink U Meeting

A Taiwanese multimedia company has founded this CyberLink in 1996. Pretty early,  right? Well, it’s one of the best video and audio conferencing tools so far.

The app has both paid and free versions. The paid version will let you unlock a wide range of features. However, you can also use the free version for limited work.

The plans are designed in a way that makes it easy for both small and mid-sized business owners. The basic plan which is free allows you to perform everything but with a certain limit. For example, you can add up to 15 participants to the video conferencing under the free plan whereas the paid plan allows you, 50-100 participants.

Also, it has additional security measures like premium customer service, end-to-end encryption, meeting analysis, and so on.


Zoom Meetings

Zoom app is currently booming in the market outstanding all its competitors with its flawless features. You can get both the mobile and desktop versions of the app. The app provides you simplified solutions and scalable features.

The best features of zoom are its ability to support 1k participants at a time, screen sharing, 49 videos on a single screen, cloud integration, and affordable price.

When its competitors are supporting only 100-200 participants zoom has surpassed everyone by improving its features. It’s easier for large organizations to conduct a meeting with a good number of people.

Apart from that, it has a team chat features which allows users to share their files with each other. So, the Zoom meeting app has definitely got all the best reasons to make you fall in love with it.


Back in 2009, the company was first established. Bluejeans is currently booming in the list of best remote working tools. You can easily conduct a video or audio conference under its free version.

The app allows you to store your files on the cloud, which means you won’t have to worry about missing out on detailed information.

If you want to buy the paid version, it’s pretty much affordable. You’ve to pay a small amount of $14.99/month to unlock the wide range of features.


So, from now on you don’t have to pause a single meeting or discussion just because of working from home. In fact, the era WordPress support working from anywhere with the support of technology.

Previously it was nearly impossible to conduct all the tasks at our home. And meetings are an important part of corporate life. People need to discuss ideas with each other in order to avoid any slip-ups. Without the help of remote working tools, the task is pretty intricate.

So, we’ve brought together the list of best remote tools here for your ease. You can simply turn on your virtual mode and start working.

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