5 On-page SEO tips

Search Engine Optimization is most important thing for your blog or website. Without SEO Services we can’t dream to get traffic for website. That’s why today I make plan to share all On-page SEO tips for blog. All the tips are very useful for optimize your blog for Search Engines. Read them all carefully and apply to your blog carefully.


1). Focus on Long tail Keyword

Repeated use of a keyword can prove to be harmful to your site. It is very important to keep related keyword in your article. however try not to use keyword stuffing just for search Engines robots it can be banned by Search Engines. Try to keep keyword density only 3-5%. According to rule its good to focus on one or two long-tail keyword. When you use one or more keyword in your article then Keep the center of the post narrow by which you could spend one or two keywords optimizing.


Use Focus keywords in specific parts of your article


It’s time to add them to your blog now. Where is the best part of your post to get high ranking results?

You have to use your focus keywords in specific parts of your article like title, URL,meta description, headers and body of your article


The Title of your blog is first step to determine the reader relevancy. That’s why a keyword is also relevant here. Google calls it Title Tag.You have to sure that your keyword include 55 to 60 characters long because Google Cuts title off on search results pages. It’s a good idea to take a long headline. It’s a good idea since it may be cut off in Google SERP.       

3). Effective Image for your website

You must have noticed that on every blogs pictures related to blog. And these pictures are not only increase  the beauty of blog it also reflects your positive work. It plays an important role to optimize your blog .if we select a effective image for our blog then we can get extra traffic from search Engines

4). Site Submission

When we complete our blog. and after publishing we have to verify or submit our blog on webmaster tool. because webmaster help to index our content on Search Engines. it also help us to fixing issues like broken link or HTML improvement. as well as we have to verify blog ownership and submit sitemap.

5). Meta title and Description

Many peoples forgot to submit meta title and descriptions. It plays an important role to index your content in Search Engines. Meta description should be effective and related to your sites. Example when we search for a “teddy bear” we found a little information about it. So it is a Meta Description.



These all 5 on-page SEO tips are for to improve your SEO. Anyone can use these tips independently. Without this suggestion, there is no positive effect will fall on SEO. However, if you use these strategies, then it will be increase the traffic to your website it will help to better work for your pages. If you like this article you will leave comments or feel free to ask any question.


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