8 Skills That You Develop with A CSM Certification

Scrum is a framework for effective team collaboration in which people can go through complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest value possible. It is a software development platform which helps teams to work as a whole. The team usually has to complete work in the timeline. Usually, one month or two weeks, called sprints. Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka introduced it. It works by breaking a large project into small pieces which can be completed by cross-functional teams in a shorter time.

CSM is the acronym of Certified Scrum Master. A CSM is a post designed to get professionals started as Scrum users and understand the management of the project in a better way. A person who has gained CSM can be a scrum master or a scrum team member.

A scrum master’s work is basically to manage how information gets exchanged and to help the team reach its goals. To get CSM certified, one has to attend a two-day (16 hour) courses in which a Scrum trainer trains you. You also have to pass an exam by scoring a minimum of 24 correctly out of 35 questions. Then, you have to accept the license agreement and complete their Scrum Alliance membership profile. This gives you access to a two-year membership where you can access to local user groups and online social networks along with discounts on events.

The work of a CSM is to be an interface between developers, product owners and the management. A scrum master has to know the tools and techniques required to assist the teams in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the project and work on removing the hurdles that come on the way.

8 Skills that you develop if you have a CSM certification:

*Planning and organizing skills: When you become a Scrum master, you become very good at planning a proper schedule for the project, and you also develop organizing skills that help the team to be well maintained.

*Technical Knowledge: A CSM is expected to know about the technology of a product. This knowledge will help push the workers to follow proper techniques and tools to accomplish goals.

*Mentoring skills: A good scrum master learns the art of training and mentoring the teammates on how to get a job done and solve problems. He/she coaches the people under him about how to follow scrum processes and methodologies properly.

*Communication skills: Since a scrum master is an interface between the development team and the customer, he develops excellent communication skills and also has the responsibility of sharing information among the whole organization.

*Improve teamwork: A scrum master develops teamwork and determination among all members. A positive work environment is made so that everyone works as a team, completes the work in proper time together to achieve a common goal. A scrum master solves issues timely, eliminating barriers with proper communication skills.

*Conflict solving: As a CSM, one has to be a mediator between the developers and the customers. He/she also has to mediate among the team because each member may have different kind of thinking, working skills, diverse knowledge which may lead to conflicts. So a scrum master should be able to solve any hurdles that come on the way for the smooth running of the assignment.

*Good knowledge of Agile and Scrum methodology: A person who masters Scrum has a good understanding of terms and phrases of Scrum and agile framework and the applications so that he/she can pass it on to the group members.

*Proper leading skills: Before giving instructions, one should be able to do the work on his own first. To be efficient, one should lead by examples so that the teammates get inspired and try to work better.

A certified scrum master gains many skills when he gets work experience. Today’s businesses manage projects with the latest technologies, tools and techniques for efficient working. So, the role of a scrum master is significant and critical as well. He/she brings out the best in the development teams, and there is a better and efficient working of the company. This also ensures that everything in the company runs smooth.

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