Basis of cancer treatment during the period of pregnancy

The treatment of cancer has always been complex. In the eyes of some people having treatment for cancer would go on to harm the developing baby. It is pretty much on the lines of immunology pregnancy medicine. The doctor will ask you to terminate the pregnancy as they are not in a position to take it ahead.

When the doctor is going to test you for cancer, they are going to assess the age along with the maturity of the fetus. In fact the expected due date of delivery works out to be important as well. Thereason being the doctor needs to plan the course of treatment. In the meantime he needs to ensure that the baby is growing in a proper manner as well. The medical team is going to evaluate the treatment options for the mother. In most cases the treatment option for both a pregnant and a non-pregnant woman is the same. But the doctor needs to analyse on which is the best course of treatment under the given set of conditions. This would boil down to the location, stage along with the type of cancer.

Based on the individual needs the treatment options are tailored. The common course of treatment is chemotherapy, radiation along with surgery. Any form of treatment needs to be planned after considering the safety of the mother and the child. In case of some form of cancer treatment it can harm the developing baby and this would be during the first 3 months of pregnancy. At this point of time the baby develops the internal organs along with the structure. Oncology pregnancy medicine suggests that some form of cancer treatment can be delayed. This would be during the second or third trimester of pregnancy.

If cancer is diagnosed late in pregnancy it would be wise on your part to wait till the baby is born. In some cases the doctor may also think on the lines of inducing a labour fast. In the case of some cancers that can be detected at an early stage like cervical cancer, it would be better if you continue the pregnancy to full term. Then begin the course of treatment once the baby is born. In such cases the entire medical team needs to discuss whether to go ahead with the pregnancy or not. Treatment on an immediate basis would be a better option if the cancer is at an aggressive stage.

Of all the types of cancer treatment surgery does pose the safest option. No harm to the mother as well as the baby occurs during this course of treatment. This would be after the first trimester of pregnancy. If you careful monitor the risks it does cause less harm to both the mother along with the developing baby.

Chemotherapy would be a safe option to treat cancer. It is a systematic procedure where the drug does travel through the body and in the process kills the cancer cells.

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