Buckle Up for BI Career in Self Driving Industry

Unlike what the general perception holds for automation industry, we are witnessing positive growth in the job market for traditional industries. One of the largest recruiters in the automation industry has to be manufacturing and automotive segments that have seen a rampant advancement in the fields of AI, Machine Learning and Connected car technologies. Of all the recent advancements, the fastest growing market in automotive industry is the Self Driving/ Autonomous driving systems. If you have a fascination for cars and cab hailing technology such as that made by Uber and Lyft, this is just the right source for information for your BI inspiration.

What the trends say about BI Jobs in the Self Driving Market?

Various job boards and online recruitment systems suggest that analyst roles vacancies rose by 25% between 2015 and 2019. Compared to January 2019, the demand for business analyst professionals grew by almost 505, with salaries rising by close to 11%, much higher than the contemporary analyst roles posted by players in the healthcare, media and entertainment, marketing intelligence, and food and beverages.

Which Roles are in Demand?

Automotive industry, by its nature of business, hires mostly engineering from specialized branches of Mechanical, Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Operations. However, new job roles such as those required to deal with Big Data Analytics, Customer Intelligence, and Mobile Security attract applications from professionals with background in cyber crime,, Business Administration, Legal and Compliance, and even Human Resources and Shop floor management.

Nearly half of the vacant positions are filled by candidates who have a certification from the leading Business Analytics Training institutions.

Neutral studies published in independent publications reveal that we are still in a very nascent state of growth and development as far as understanding data analytics and business intelligence for Autonomous Driving is concerned. These roles are not only impacting the job market, but also encouraging diversity, inclusion and environmental policies that have suddenly become the ‘ubiquitous’ standards of best service providers in the industry.

Which Companies are pushing the Boundaries?

The big automakers are going strong with their innovations in the autonomous driving technologies. Credible sources reveal that the developments are mostly centric to mobile app development, computer vision, AI and ML driving autonomous navigation, and In-passenger infotainment and security standards.

Leading companies that are hiring Business Intelligence and Analytics professionals, specific to the AD categories include BMW, Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Mahindra, KIA Motors, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, FIAT, and Volkswagen. Established big data companies are tying up with startups and billion dollar firms to boost car sales, and balance economic disparity between countries yet to go high on AD technology.

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