Good Strategies On Social Media to Boost the Sales

Updates are every day

One of the most recognized and easy ways to get people to join your community is to post news every day.

Studies have shown that the frequency of updates should depend on the type of audience you are targeting.

Indeed, some people like daily updates, others will feel overwhelmed by the abundance of information.

You need to find the right update frequency for your audience.

The minimum should be a daily status on Facebook and 4 to 6 tweets.

The goal is to become a “reference” to follow in your industry, in order to attract both customers and prospects.

Add images to your statuses

It has been proven that adding images to a Facebook status increases the engagement rate of fans.

The images generate 2 times more “likes” than a normal status.

When you post an ad on Facebook for example, or an advertisement, the link to your page will have a lot more impact with an image.

Text ads are less noticeable; you will often see that on social networks, are the images that get the most “like.”

Be careful not to take any photo on the internet, because you do not necessarily have the rights to use these images!

To reduce the risk of litigation, take images signed by companies, which usually implies that the company agrees for this kind of advertising.

More visibility with buttons

The more shares you get on social networks, the more you get.

Indeed, on Social Media Marketing Company, there are two factors that play strongly: quantity and quality.

The quantity, because the more we have significant visibility, the more we will reach a greater potential.


Quality, because it is essential to focus on the quality of the published content (and often the freshness of the information or the depth of the treatment of a subject), on the quantity of content.

You have to tell yourself each time you publish something “Will I be interested in this topic?”

Do not be afraid to add value.

It’s a virtuous circle, the more we share, the more we build our community, the more we attract traffic.

Allow users to post reviews

Users love to be able to read product reviews before making a purchase.

By creating a platform that allows users to post their reviews, you increase customer confidence in your business.

The Yitro app allows you to set up a critical customer platform on social networks.

A free trial is available on the site, and the application exists in several languages.

You can even increase this rate by sending a link to this application by email, after sending the electronic invoice.

Do not be afraid; this feature is automatic with Yet pot, you do not have to run after your customers.

The functionalities compatible with social networks allow you to post customer reviews and the product concerned directly on your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Create micro-content

The Internet is overwhelmed with information, true, false, whatever.

This means that people have less patience when they search for something and therefore less time to consume this information.

There is a trend on the web that, like Twitter, divides the information into several small pieces to keep only the best.

It’s fast, efficient, entrepreneurs could be inspired.

For example, with the mobile app Vine, you can share 6-second micro-videos that are easily shared on social networks.

Some brands like Urban Outfitters have started using this app to publish micro-content, more creative and more fun.


Schedule Q & A sessions on Twitter

Engaging and creating a relationship with his fans is a crucial point for developing on social networks.

A good tactic is to organize Q & A sessions with your followers on Twitter.

The idea is to choose a day in the week, encourage your community to participate by making an official announcement on the pages of your social networks, and then, you respond directly to people on Twitter.

The questions can relate to your products, your company, your job offers, your job creations, etc.

A treasure hunt on Pinterest! A contest on Facebook!

Pinterest is now a major social network, and it can be leveraged for a variety of marketing strategies.

One of the great strengths of Pinterest is to be able to create a buzz around your brand and your products by organizing a treasure hunt.

For example, you can do a treasure hunt on Pinterest …

You announce on Facebook and Twitter to announce a treasure hunt.

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