Here’s your must remember list for a modular kitchen setup

The kitchen in the house is definitely one of the most important parts of the house. It is so because of two reasons. Firstly because all the deliciousness comes from there and the better the ambience of your kitchen, the better it will be to bring your inner chef out. Secondly, because if your kitchen interiors don’t match the overall theme and feel of your house, it will look quite odd. However, if you are not a professional, you may deviate from this concept. So, in this blog, we tell all the people who are looking to set up a modular kitchen in Noida or elsewhere the things they must remember. These are enough to ensure your kitchen is set up to perfection and not leaves even a hint of absurd. Let us look at the points that matter one at a time so that you remember them all and get the modular kitchen set right.


  • Use dark colors to hide stains-
    Oily meals are a mandate in Indian households. We cannot do without puris, pakoras and bhaturas. So, here is a tip- make sure you choose dark colors. Or if dark colors are not going with your house theme then make sure you choose the darkest hue of the color you are planning to get done in the kitchen. If you are using marbles or granite in the kitchen, never choose a white one. Otherwise, it can easily get grease and turmeric stains that will be hard to get rid of.
  • Use basic tiles-
    Try to avoid matte and textured tiles as they also are at high risk of letting sit the oil and dust on themselves easily and removing them would be a mammoth task for obvious reasons. The dust will get stuck in the textures, but if it will be smooth and glossy, the tools you will use to clean the tiles will glide easily on it and hence they will get cleaned easily.
  • Use a swan faucet-
    Sinks are another thing that you must not ignore while you are setting a modular kitchen in Noida or elsewhere. We are specifying it especially here because sinks are one of those things that are overlooked sometimes because of the investment already done in the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen. So, this is yet again a reminder to use a swan faucet only for the sink as it will be easier for you to wash utensils and dishes that way.
  • Use an exhaust or chimney-
    You must use an exhaust fan or chimney for a more polished and modern look in your kitchen. The reason for not skipping this step at all is because whether you stay in a flat or a normal house, you need to get the extra heat and smoke generated in the kitchen out of it while you are cooking. Otherwise, there are high chances of your house smelling like the food you cook.
  • Use a breakfast bar-
    Whether all the people in your house are working on not, you should think of making a place for the breakfast bar in your kitchen, it eases the whole process of cooking and serving for oneself or for the family.

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