How to ship your fragile items safely?

Shifting from place to place can be irksome as it can be tiring and irritating. Lots of cost and stress are involved in relocating the items as well as people. The most difficult task is to relocate all the materials to the new place, especially fragile items as they are most expensive as well as exposed to the threat of demolishing.

When the trip is overseas, the problem magnifies as the item has to be in transport for a longer period. Therefore, it is quite important to understand a way to pack these items so that they can be provided utmost safety.

Some of the steps that one can go through to ship the fragile items overseas safely are presented here.

These steps are suggested by many of the courier companies in London and all over the world.

1. Choosing the box to pack correctly: Box is the first thing that comes in the way of damage and the item and provides most of the security to the item. Therefore, choosing the right type of box is quite important for the safety of the material. The size of the box should not be much larger than the item itself as extra space exposes the item to the vulnerability of damage. The more the item moves, more the damage it can incur. Therefore, there should be a space of about 2 inches on all side for damage protection. The quality of the box should not be compromised with as the box provides utmost security. In order to receive the item scratch free box should be completely accurate.

2. Provide proper cushion to the item: There are various items that resist the damage to the item as they can engulf any type of weight put over the article. Therefore, it is important to add packaging cushion items in the empty spaces of the box as well as covering the article with it too. The items that can be used for this purpose are bubble wrap, Styrofoam pellets, air cushions, cardboard pieces, thermocol pieces, etc. The items may vary according to the size and type of the product.

3. Labeling: The best way to avoid any types of damage is to handle the item safely. In order to achieve this target, the handler should know that the item present in the box is fragile. Therefore it is recommended to label the item as fragile, to avoid mishandling and accidents. Therefore, the phrases like “FRAGILE ITEM” or “HANDLE WITH CARE” should be written over the box of the item.

4. Choosing Courier Company wisely: The courier company is the one that handles the product, and that is why opting the best out of the variety of them is quite important. The courier company provides insurance for the product when delivering overseas. The company with the best insurance policy and guidelines should have opted for the utmost safety of the product.

The protection of the fragile item is one of the most difficult and stressed tasks as the item is to be handled by various man. Therefore, choosing the professionals is quite important. Various courier company in London, India, US, China and other parts of the world have professionals working in that handles the product with utmost care maintaining the safety of it.

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