Is Memory Foam Mattress worth the hype?

The thought of having a mattress that takes the shape of your body while you are sleeping sounds definitely great. But do memory foam mattresses worth the hype?

Well, there are some people out there who literally swear by memory foam sleeping bed mattress. But they aren’t considered to be the best mattress for everyone. If you’re tempted to buy mattress in India, then you will have to ponder which variety you should go for and how you are willing to spend.

Otherwise, you might end up buying something worthless that you will regret later. Memory foam mattresses, also known as memory sleeping bed mattress, are crowned with a layer of temperature-receptive viscoelastic substance (memory foam).

This type of mattress is considered an ideal option for people who want to buy mattress in India that can help them relieving pressure on tender joints and help them catch up good night’s sleep. Memory foam mattresses undoubtedly feel something completely different when you lie down on it as compared to a regular spring mattress.

Here are some of the best features of the memory foam mattresses that will give you guaranteed better sleep experience:


Memory Foam mattresses respond to temperature by regulating. The different varieties of memory foam sleeping mattress available in the market have varying levels of temperature sensitivity. The more receptive it is, the more it will imitate to the contour of your body. The old school MF mattress, for example, is explicitly intended to immediately counter to your body temperature and outline effectively to the contour of your body.


Rejoinder time is basically the time taken by the foam to come back to its normal state when the compression level is removed from it. Broadly speaking, this aspect may depend on different factors including the degree of elasticity, bounciness, adaptable firmness, and alignment. Most customers worry about the “swamp” feeling with bed mattresses that take a longer time to respond. Memory Foam mattresses, though, have a quicker response time. You won’t find it difficult to get off the bed or be alarmed about deteriorating your back-related issues.




Durability is something which is directly proportional to the density of the mattress. The idyllic density of a mattress ranges between 4 and 5.3 lb/ft³. The lesser is the density, the shorter will be the lifetime. The thicker is the mattress, the more uneasy it will become. Memory Foam mattress has the perfect density that offers the best equilibrium between relaxation and resilience.



Hot mattresses make sleep very uncomfortable. When you buy mattress in India, make sure it has to be a memory foam one as it makes use of the heat regulation technology which enables it to release the entombed heat. It also comprises of the open-cell technology to resolve the temperature withholding complications that you might face with other regular mattresses. This advanced feature enables air to flow through to regulate your body temperature and ensure improved breathability for perfect comfort.

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