Is Sports psychology effective for both the basketball player and the coach?

In the popular concept, the psychologist is considered as the person who resolves mental conflicts, but this is only one of the many aspects. As today the work of a physical trainer, physiotherapist or assistant technicians is considered important in the field of sports psychology visualization. Psychology is the science that studies human behaviour or behaviours and mental processes. And that is where the sports psychologist can do his job, optimizing those elements in his involvement in the competitive context.

Consideration of Sports Objectives. Depending on the time of the season, considering the pre-season time:

  1. Improve physical condition.

– Develop group and team identity.

– Develop a Champion team mentality (not based on the games that are won, but on the way they are played: effort, solidarity, companionship, commitment).

  1. Study of the sports activities plan.
  2. Detection of psychological needs, possibilities and risks.
  3. Consideration of relevant characteristics of athletes.
  4. Detection and consideration of parallel psychological needs.
  5. Integration of the psychological work plan in the whole preparation plan.
  6. Planning of the psychological work plan in each of the relevant variables in the sport competition.

Programming of specific interventions and skills

In the field of professional basketball, based on the experience carried out, you can ask yourself what can you do, and what you are allowed to do? Actually you can do a lot, but what you really do will be based on the commitment you can assume. To build master Sports psychology basketball the coach need to plan the specific programme and execute it. Based on these skills, the coach will decide the strategies.

At the team level, a coach also has the duty to choose the strategies that his players must develop in the next sports event, in order to exploit their best virtues and reduce their defects. The participation of coaches is transcendental in the incorporation, training and development of players to increase their performance and even in counterproductive effects to sport, such as abandonment by participants.

To implement the strategy you need strong motivation

Taking into account the above, it can be said that the preparation of the players is not only given from a technical-tactical and physical perspective, but that sports psychology is also essential so that players can get ahead, reducing harmful psychological problems in the sports performance. Therefore, coaches must be very well prepared to face different psychological problems that any sports athlete may have, especially the motivation of their athletes and their entrepreneurs. The coach-athlete relationship will always be carried out under psycho-pedagogical premises, so coaches cannot lose this humanistic mentality and focus exclusively on purely technical or sports aspects seeking short-term results.


 Conclusion: The coach-athlete relationship is crucial for sports training

Among the main characteristics that the coach must have, the following can be highlighted: specific training in his sport, respect for ethical and professional values, vocation to teach young people and ability to communicate with them. For its performance to be adequate, a correct training is needed, where the most important thing will be not only to acquire knowledge and skills of an exclusively technical type. But also to possess qualities as an educator, motivator and transmitting the appropriate knowledge so that athletes do not only do the actions correctly, but also be part of a stable homeostatic relationship between the coach-sportsman.

The coach-athlete relationship is crucial for sports training, once an athlete needs not only sufficient physical and mental effort to withstand the large training loads necessary to optimize sports performance and obtain maximum performance, but also the training is practiced. To ease the pressure of the game, you need the psychological evaluation – no matter in which form does it come.

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