Let’s have a look into the best Japanese cuisine: Sushi. What are the types?

Sushi is an originally Japanese food that has captured the cuisine of the world. Usually consisting of a stuffing, a layer of rice and a strip of noni, sushi is available in restaurants on menus that usually have values ​​per piece. If you want to taste the best Japanese food, Sushi maki order online is possible. Now order your favorite Japanese food from the best Japanese restaurant. Although there are traditional sushi like Nigiri and Tamaki. Some restaurants sometimes alter fillings and flavors by creating their own versions and adding a touch of local cuisine to the dish. Currently the gastronomy has a wide variety of sushi, offering the public, including vegan and fried sushi.

Check below the main types of sushi.

NigiriZushi is a type of sushi made manually. Popularly known as Nigiri, this type of sushi consists of a hand-molded rice ball whose preparation includes some wasabi and a kind of topping made with a thin layer of fish. The wasabi is a pasty texture and spicy flavor spice widely used in Japanese cuisine. The type of fish used to make NigiriZushi may vary depending on the time of year. The most commonly used are sea bass, snapper, rooster and sole. There are also varieties of Nigiri whose rice is covered by seafood such as prawns, squids, octopuses and cockles. You can also taste the Sushi burrito and ramenas combo dish or side dish. Depending on the type of topping, it may or may not be attached to the rice ball with a small strip of noni.


Also called gunkanmaki and gunkan, Gunkanzushi is a sushi whose size is slightly smaller compared to other varieties.Made by hand, this type of sushi is formed by a rice base covered by the stuffing which, instead of being in the middle, is placed on top. The delicacy is finished with a noni strip that surrounds it. One of the most commonly used ingredients for Gunkanzushi stuffing is the fish eggs. Also common are varieties that are covered in small pieces of tuna, salmon or omelet. So, don’t waste any more time. Take the smartphone and place the order. Sushi maki order online is waiting to serve you delicious Japanese cuisine.


Makisushi is a general nomenclature used to designate generally cylindrical sushi wrapped in a noni leaf. Within this category, the most common sushi are:

Futomaki –Futomaki is a much larger cylindrical sushi than the other sushi varieties.

Temaki –Temaki is perhaps the most peculiarly shaped sushi ever since it is large and cone shaped.

Hot rolls –Hot rolls are rolled sushi, made up of stuffing, a layer of rice and a strip of noni that surrounds it.

Sushi Joe –Joe Sushi, whose spelling has become popular in many ways is one of the few types of sushi that does not have noni leaf in its composition.

Uramaki –The term “Uramaki”, as well as the term “Makisushi”, is a general nomenclature used to denote all types of sushi that have a rolled noni leaf.

Hosomaki – Hosomaki has the typical and traditional composition of sushi. A stuffing that is surrounded by a layer of rice surrounded by a noni leaf.

Kappamaki –Unlike most Hosomaki, Kappamaki is not stuffed with pieces of fish or shellfish, but rather pieces or slices of cucumber.

Tekkamaki –Tekkamaki is a sushi consisting of a filling and a layer of rice wrapped in noni.

Despite the similarity to the traditional types of sushi, what characterizes Tekkamaki is the fact that its stuffing consists exclusively of tuna. You can also taste Sushi burrito and ramen together.

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