Muay Thai Training at Phuket in Thailand for Holiday Destinations

Finding the best vacation spot can be a difficult job as you have plenty of options available. If you want to decide the best place to visit and make your holidays worthy then you should first decide what you want to try on your holidays. Holiday destinations are often known for the activities they offer to tourists. People visit new countries and places to experience new things while they stay and to get pleasant memories that make them feel happy when they get back to their homes. Most of the people visit the places they have seen on social networks with their friends and family, and Thailand is one of them.

Thailand is becoming one of the most visited places in recent years. Its beauty, culture, and charming nature is a major reason for its popularity but there is one other thing that is attracting the people from all around the world, the amazing Muay Thai. People travel to Thailand to get sweaty and learn some real martial arts while having fun. Here are the best Muay Thai holiday destinations you should know about if you are planning a new holiday with Muay Thai in Thailand:


History of Muay Thai:

Like most of the martial arts, Muay Thai emerged as a system of welfare that was also designed for self-defense and military use, originated from Thailand. Muay Thai became a formal sport in the 20th century, as a martial arts sport resembling western boxing because it includes boxing rings, referees, boxing gloves, knockout rounds, etc. It was only popular in Thailand considered as the national sport of the country until the 1970s. In the 1970s, Muay Thai started to gain too much popularity. It gained popularity because some Muay Thai fighters defeated the fighters of other martial arts in a series of fights.


Since then the people from all around the world expressed their interest in this sport and started to travel to Thailand to get Muay Thai training and to enjoy other camping activities. With time, the culture of traveling to train Muay Thai in Thailand has become a passing habit of Muay Thai boxing fans. Fighters, amateurs, and wannabes alike take the time to train, eat and sleep Muay Thai which is now known as the new Muay Thai Holiday.




Popular Holiday Destinations for Muay Thai:

Bangkok and Phuket are the two most favorite cities among tourists because of their amazing sights. These two holidays’ destinations are also popular as Muay Thai holiday destinations. Bangkok is considered as the most exciting and charming city of Asia, with a balanced combination of urban modernization and old culture with offering a lot of attractive activities. While the Phuket is well known for its tropical, amazing beaches and modern and sophisticated facilities that will force you to stay for a longer time than you thought. No matter which city you choose to reserve a Muay Thai training camp, you will enjoy the session.



Suwit Gym, Phuket, Thailand:

Suwit Boxing Gym or is the only gym that offers a comprehensive approach to Muay Thai training. Their holiday with the Muay Thai package includes a selected yoga and nutrition program as well. Suwit focuses on offering more individualized Muay Thai holiday training experience. Other facilities offered by the gym include a variety of accommodations from basic economy rooms to top-class luxury apartments which provide more comfort and space. Suits rooms are ideal for small families and those who want to combine training and work activities.


The Muay Thai section of the Suwit Gym at Phuket island is fully equipped with the professional Muay Thai fighters and trainers, these trainers know exactly how to train the person enjoyably. They start the training according to the individual and upgrade the training level step by step. If you care about your fitness and want to experience the best training experience while enjoying the beautiful sights of beaches and island then you should book a holiday with Muay Thai at this gym.


Holiday with Muay Thai Program in Thailand:

Muay Thai was popular but the new holiday with the Muay Thai version has boosted its popularity to many folds. Most of the people plan to have a Muay Thai vacation as it will not only provide them with an enjoyable vacation at the attractive islands and beaches but will also help them to learn new skills. A new holiday with Muay Thai offers a lot of benefits. The Muay Thai holiday program offers you a new experience that will help you to protect yourself in case of any mishap. If you are planning a visit to Thailand, booking camp for new holiday Muay Thai training will also save your money as you will be provided with accommodation, transportation, extracurricular activities, food, sightseeing, and training all in one package.

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