Python is the Real Meat in Data Science: Believe It!

There has been a significant rise in the demand for Data Science engineers and Analysts for enterprise roles across the globe. While R programming language remains a decent skill to mater, Python has taken over the leadership role in Data Science market in the last 18 months. IT professionals and AIDevOps coders that are proficient in Python actually meet current Data Science job requirements better than R and Java, or others. That means, today the weight of Python Certification is weighed in Gold.

Here are five Python friendly stats that would inspire you to take up Python Certification for your career.

  1. Compared to only 18% job titles mentioning R and Java for data science jobs, more than 66% of data job postings had mentioned Python as top requirement.
  2. Out of 1500 Cloud and Data Analysis job vacancies posted in online job portals, nearly 35% of them had Python as secondary requirement. Skills with Tableau and SAS with Python have 100% hiring rate for professionals with at least 2 years of experience.
  3. Statisticians and Data Scientists are more likely to work with Python development teams than R in their future AI and Machine Learning projects. For all other projects, R Programming has a better edge on the Python developers.
  4. Owing to its easy coding, scalability and numerous Python Libraries, Python certification professionals are better at handling complex data analysis using NumPy, CPython, Iron Python, Jython, SciPy, Pandas and so on. Working with Python Libraries reduces the App development cycle by 250% compared to all other programming languages.
  5. Here is a crypto currency catch! Did you know some startups in data science industry are now beginning to pay bitcoin and crypto currency to Python developers? To study Python, these companies are paying handsomely in crypto currency, thereby encouraging fresh developers to work extensively on their platforms and build a first party data science team from garage!

How to Become a Python Developer: A Quick Cheat Sheet No Body Gave you

You can learn technical skills in the certification institutes or on-the-job projects. What data science teams are really looking for is tenacity and soft skill packages. Problem-solving skills are highly sought from developers as is the ability to learn quickly from other competent programmers and analysts who are constantly trying to improve their programming bundles and increase overall ROI health of the organization.

What truly hurts an organization in data science is the raw talent that only holds a certification but no real technical experience! If the raw talent has the attitude to learn and speak the language of the executives/ decision-makers in the company, learning Python will add the razor sharp edge to their career.

For top paying companies in Data Science, programmers are expected to code for 40 hours in a week and spend the rest de-bugging and finding historical glitches in the non-performing codes. Too much to ask for!! Well, that’s where the attitude comes in to play.

More you code, better you get at scaling your opportunities from everywhere in Python Data Science.

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