Want to get fit like your favourite hero in the movie Thor?

Have you been an avid fan of the Thor movie and love to follow Chris Hemsworth? Of course, who wouldn’t want to? After all, he has definitely worked so hard to get that remarkable form? This is the reason why he bagged a role in the Thor movie.

It’s no secret that celebrities do train with world-class trainers and fitness experts who can guide them at every step by keeping a close watch on their day-to-day workout progress. Apart from this, they do have a team of nutritionists and chefs who take care of their daily meal plans and supplement intake. How can this be possible to do for a common man?

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Like Chris Hemsworth, you can even develop a fit body, stronger mind, and lead a happier life provided you dedicate yourself to fitness and train under the supervision of a qualified fitness instructor with certification in personal trainer course in Delhi.

These qualified health coach do undergo proper training when they enroll in for the certification course (which has become mandatory provided for every personal trainer who aspire to make their name in the fitness industry). They are made well-aware main aspects like human anatomy, body mass composition, kinesiology, and much more which helps them to train their client more effectively.

Some of the main exercises that were included in the Chris Hemsworth workout regimen are:

Heavy Weight Lifting and Push-Pull Workouts

To get in the right shape as required for the role in the movie, he did heavy weight lifting for at least 50 minutes in a day. His workout regimen mainly included incline press, dumbbells flat bench press, dips and cable slides, back and triceps, and legs trainings. Besides, his trainer mainly focused on the arms and chest workout so that the shape of the muscle should come up very nicely in the Thor costume.  However, if you are even thinking about getting big arms and chest muscles, you must think about working with a qualified fitness instructor with certification in personal trainer course in Delhi.

Functional Movements and Body-Weight Training

On the other hand, during the rest days he did some functional movements like a bear crawling, a low-impact workout. Besides this, Hemsworth included some body-weight exercises like burpees and squats.

A major change in the diet

As we all know that diet plays a crucial role in helping you build the desired body shape. Hemsworth made a major change in his diet by going vegan. All this definitely helped him to get that great shape for the movie.

Well, if you wish to have a great body like Hemsworth, make sure you hire a certified fitness instructor with certification in personal trainer course in Delhi.

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