What is the difference between Ranking on Google vs YouTube

With the advancement in Smartphone technology as well as internet accessibility, people are watching more videos as well as video ads nowadays. Recent research has shown that videos marketing are growing in popularity and perform well for generating revenue.

What is the difference between Ranking on Google vs YouTube

People keen of watching videos online, due to this generating great video has been getting one of the excellent techniques to get attention of consumers. In fact, by 2019, video is expected to drive a wonderful 75% of entire internet traffic.

As Google does own YouTube, these two platforms come with diverse goals in mind for their business way. YouTube helps you to keep you on the platform for as long as possible to promote more advertising whereas Google wants to answer your query as rapidly as possible. YouTube as well as Google have different ranking factors that describe where a video will rank in its search results.

Difference Between YouTube and Google’s Video Ranking Algorithms

After huge research we came on point that of our 400 queries, 300 of them returned only one YouTube video in the best 100 Google results, and the remaining 100 returned more than one video. Also, Google has a strong view to put YouTube videos in the top 10 of the results.

More than half the queries we examined 50% had a diverse video ranking first in Google than ranked first in YouTube. That’s a very significant difference in the generally rankings for the two search engines.

For the keyword phrase [How to Make Sandwich], YouTube appears to show videos that are popular on YouTube. The top ten results in YouTube have plenty of views. Showing users the most well-liked results is a wonderful user experience.

The videos that are ranked by the YouTube algorithm might be based on attributes related to popularity, huge traffic as well as user engagement. The length of the videos shows to be longer in YouTube rankings than in the Google results.  For the example search phrase, how to make sandwich, Google even ranks a video that is short.

Google’s Search Algorithm

The objective of the Google Algorithm is to offer relevant information for user query. You want the answer, Google search algorithm sort through the billions of webpages in search index to provide you useful as well as most relevant results in a second.

So to search pages with relevant information is the initial step is to analyze what the words in your search query.  Some searches results rank well due to few web pages are well popular. Some pages are ranked based on geographic closeness to the user. These pages are ranked for satisfying user expectations.


Links, unique content as well as popularity are some of the top reasons for why a website appears in the search results.

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