What is unique & thrilling about Thai gourmet?

Thai food is considered to be of the best food because of its accurate balancing of exotic spices and flavors and the generous use of edible herbs. The people outside Thailand assume that Thai food is tough to cook hearing the use of many condiments but frankly speaking, it is just an art to mix and match. The uniqueness of Thai dishes is that they give you a leeway to use your personal preference in the cuisines. You can get it customized at the simply best Thai restaurants. Even if you are allergic to some condiments, you can mention, and your preference will be customized.

Infusion of Herbs

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In the most popular Thai food, a generous amount of herbs are infused. Thai people love herbs such as dill, parsley, culantro, cilantro, lemon basil, sweet basil, holy basil, cha-om, and many more herbs. In the West, either the Thai food is prepared with fewer herbs because all herbs are not readily available or are exported from Asian countries.

Strength of Spices in Thai Food


Thai chilies are incredibly spicy, lime leaves and lemongrass add intense fragrance and citrus to dishes and are generously used in some parts of Thailand. Kaffir lime, tamarind, and lime juice add mouth-watering sourness to many cuisines. Fish sauce and pla ra add a funky salty taste to gourmets.

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The Food Setting

In Thai culture, people don’t take food full plate in one go. Take a few spoonfuls, and you can take as many times as you want. Try all the cuisines on the table but take care of others to get their chance of trying all cuisines. It is rude if you don’t let others decide the cuisine spread on the table.

Thai Cuisine is a Flowing Cuisine


Unlike the West, Thai cuisine is served in large gatherings, and there is a common phenomenon of taking helpings little by little on the plate, and they believe in sharing in the community. Even in a restaurant if you visit alone for lunch or dinner, you will be seated next to someone, and it is a custom to mix with others and share the best Thai noodle dish.



Slow Down and Enjoy

Thai people love to indulge in socializing and enjoy food with friends and family. They don’t like the idea of peeping into mobiles while dining.

The Best Thai Noodle Dishes

  1. Yum Woon Sen (glass noodle salad) is prepared with mung bean glass noodles. They are bright, thin, and slippery and is low in calorie. It is loaded with fresh vegetables, seafood, crushed peanuts, and sometimes minced pork.
  2. Khao Soi Soup (crispy noodles with coconut curry) is a soup made with a mix of deep-fried crispy egg noodles and soft egg noodles, pickled cabbage, shallots, lime, ground chilies, and chicken in a curry sauce of coconut milk.
  3. Pad Thai is a stir-fried noodle dish prepared of rice noodles with ingredients egg, peanuts, shallots, lime and bean sprouts, and meat. It is one of the most popular Thai cuisines and is famous all over the world.

The most popular Thai food is the different styles of noodles stir-fried, cooked in the soup and with various delectable seasonings. They are easy to explore in and out of Thailand in the best Thai restaurants.


Thai food has evolved and escaped from Thailand to other countries, and it has gained prominence in the West. The chefs of other countries have managed to adopt intricate cuisines, and the chain of simply best Thai restaurants presents Thai food in a very exotic manner. Their distinguished presentation allures the food lovers to relish their taste buds with their outstanding cuisines.

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