Why Machine Learning is a necessary skill to learn in 2019?

From virtual assistants to chatbots, AI is a part of our daily life. In the world of technology AI skills have been highly revered and given the increasing need for sophisticated technologies, individuals with hot technical skills like AI stands to gain much.

One of the advanced domains of AI is Machine Learning. It is a fascinating process of feeding machines with data with the help of advanced algorithms so that such machines become smarter and can take important decisions or make predictions on its own. The growth of digital industries world-wide has made it sure that technologies like Machine Learning receives much interest and gets implemented fast.

According to bccResearch the global Machine Learning market amounted to 1.4billion USD in 2017 and is projected to grow at a rate of 43.6% to reach 8.8billion USD in 2022!

What makes Machine Learning interesting?

Machine Learning is a fascinating technology which enables us to discover and develop digital solutions with amazing efficiency. Solutions to complex problems which was previously considered to be impossible is now possible due to advanced Machine Learning algorithms. Let us consider the following examples:

  • Application of Machine Learning on the fields of Medicine and Bio-informatics has been revolutionary. For instance, prognosis of cancer is one of the most complicated tasks and is painstakingly slow when done by human experts. However, when Machine Learning is applied to the same process, the results are much quicker and more efficient!
  • Machine Learning promises to make sense of large quantities of data and is vital in the fields of data science and data analytics. The process has already given birth to smart systems like Netflix’s recommendation engine and continues to seek much admiration from tech-firms all around the world.
  • Online customer support is one of the most important operations for any online business platform. However, serving millions of customers online is a tough nut to crack. With the help of Machine Learning implemented systems such obstructions can be easily removed. E-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart employs skilled ML experts to take care of such tasks quite successfully!

Are there any jobs with Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is one of the most in-demand technological skills owing to its application on multiple fields and increasing prominence of digitalization. The growth is significantly high in flourishing digital economies like that of India where big companies are eager to enforce data driven business strategies for which Machine Learning is imperative. This is why Machine Learning training from reputed institutes or even a Machine Learning Online course can be highly beneficial.

Moreover, Machine Learning experts earn USD 146,085 at an average and with a machine learning online course you can easily land on such high paying jobs.

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